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And so it is.  Never say never they say.  I never imagined I would end up here with my own blog.  Am I famous?  No, well, not yet anyway (how presumptious of me, one probably thinks,) but hey, one can dream.  Have to admit I am one of those people who gets up in the morning and works on fulfilling his dreams and desires.  I have had some successes along the way and more than my fair share of failures but in most cases those who succeed in life, actually fail more times than they succeed so I am in good company.  Lessons are learned along the way and like a jigsaw puzzle, everything falls into place and that is when the good times start to roll.  Along with a lot of hard work along the way, not to mention more so when success comes long.

About me.  For me, life is a journey rather than a destination.  On that journey, I will have many experiences (for better or worse,) meet and interact with many people.  Some will be inspiring, good times will be had, some will be loved, made love to.  Some will be memorable.  The opposite is true also but hey, I am on a journey.  Like Alice in Wonderland, I will come to a fork in the road or a crossroads and need to make a decision on which direction to take.  There won’t be a smiling, fearsome Cheshire Cat, grinning at me from a tree and answering my question by saying ‘it depends on where you want to go’, that will be a decision for me  and me alone.  Sure I will ask and receive advice but in the end the decision is mine and mine alone to take.  Some paths will lead to enlightenment and a successful and fulfilling life.  Some paths may not be for me and will lead to a less than fulfilling  life and all the pressures and heartache that entails.  Such are the decisions we make in life.  Some will be better than others but this is the life we lead and the one we choose, depending the decisions we make.  But wasn’t I suppose to be talking about Me?

Well I am British born of Jamaican parentage.  I grew up in the City of Birmingham, in Central England in the County of Warwickshire (Birmingham is now part of the West Midlands County).  I don’t think I led a very distinguished life but then I am from a working class background of West Indian parents who were in fact British Citizens, as they both came from Jamaica on British passports.  I am certain my mother did, as I have seen her passport, so I assume my Dad did as well.  It is reassuring that I have British history going back generations and generation, that makes me more British than those who would like to keep Britain ‘All-White’.  Little do they know the history of  their own history.

I spent most of my childhood lurching from one less than desireable situation to the other.  I don’t think I really ever had any control over my life until late in life.  I just kind of went along with things for the sake of going along with things.  I look back at that person and wonder how I ever got this far in life.  As I child I felt my parents had reasonably good marriage and I guess they did but by the age of eight the reality was very different.  Not sure looking back now, whether I ever got over the break up of their marriage and the family as it was back then.  Certainly, I never gained any benefit from that situation but that is probably going to be one of the subjects covered in an autobiography should I ever get around to writing it.  I have been forced due to a recent relationship, to re-examine this period of my life after many years and realised, that after the age of Seven, my life would and was never the  same again.  The last real birthday I celebrated was my Seventh, the last real family Christmas (when my parents were still together,) was when I was Seven also.  It is also as if for me, family life (a happy on at least,) ended at the age of Seven.  Life was pretty downhill ever since.

The above recent relationship also forced me to look back at my life as it was when I was eleven/twelve years old.  I suppose when there are two children of that age, one is looks back at their life and recalls what one’s life was like back then.  It was certainly a different world back in the day when was those ages respectively but it did help to at least understand their situation (which was in many ways better than mine,) even now I am surprised at how much I focussed on those two periods of my life.  Guess I was really trying to be understanding and considered. It seemed to work for a time and probably would have led to better things and a closeness for all concerned.  Sadly that was not to be.

Unlike most people, I have been many people.  Some had a childhood other’s didn’t.  Some never made it to adulthood at all.  The by-product of a broken home some would say.  Had my father’s name until eleven years old.  Then from that age until my early twenties I had my mother’s name.  After that (self-inflicted on my part,) I chose to use both their names.  The odd thing is my mother no longer uses her name.  In fact, she has been married twice since then, discarded her name, while little ol’ me, is stuck with it.  My father’s history name-wise, is a little more complicated, due to incompetence and ignorance.  I will explain it all if and when I get ’round to writing the Auto-Bio.

I guess with my kind of history and identity crisis, it was only a matter of time before I entered the Acting profession and despite the daily living with uncertainty and an uncertain future and all the headaches that comes with it all, it is probably the best decision I have ever made, not least after having a series of jobs, which was just that, Acting actually gave me for the firt time, a Career, one that is all down to me.  Something I can look back and be proud of.  With such a career, all the life experience, everything I have done, seen, experienced, is my Arsenal, my Acting Toolbox if you will, that I can draw on.

What is my Unique Selling Point (USP) as an Actor?  I actually lived.  I had a life before I ever considered a career an Actor. If I had a choice, it not the life I would have planned for myself but at least for the past sixteen years, I have actually lived or rather started to have some control over my life and who I am as an individual.  Only then have I begun to live, to question who I am and what I have been doing with my life all those years.  Yes, there are some things, namely jobs I shouldn’t have done and maybe if I had held out for a better deal things would be far better and I would be more successful.  But made some bad choices, some bad deals.  I have learned from those experiences and have become a better more well-rounded person for those experiences.

And that is a little something about me.


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