Moving On

Have been fairly busy this past week and given a rare spare moment, my thoughts turned to moving on with one’s life and away from things that once had meaning but now is counter-productive to one’s well-being and peace of mind.   It is not the first time I have been at this juncture in my life but what makes it significant this time, is how I was able to deal with it, with no input from those who should have been there dealing with the problems and situations that were unfolding, unravelling and destroying all that had been built up over a period of time, only to be destroyed in an even shorter space of time.

I recall a famous actor I think it was Sir Michael Caine discussing something his mother once told him about dealing with people who betray you.  Her advice was to freeze them in time for all time and move on from them.  It sounded like good advice at the time and to me it still is.  I am aware that not everyone is going to like me, respect or can stand me.  And that is fine.  What I can never put up with and understand given all that is why people go out of their way to make things more difficult than they may already be.  If you don’t like me or can put up with me then, say so and move on, rather sticking the knife in my back and then pretend butter doesn’t melt in your mouth, while singing a pretty tune as if nothing has happened.  How two-faced and hypocritical I thought at the time (and still do).

In order to move on with one’s life, one has to let go but letting go doesn’t mean you should forget the betrayal or the hurt done.  By moving on with your life (as in my case,) you are lifting the weight off your shoulders, realising one did the best they could in difficult circumstances.  Better the burden be laid at the door of the other party, as you have done nothing wrong in the first place and let them deal with it but then, they are incapable so leave them be, and that is what I have done.

The funny thing is since I have moved on and focussed my attention to other more important matters things have been a lot more positive than they have been.  I have been attending more auditions and castings and while I have landed a couple of opportunities (one done recently, the other later this summer,) I am getting my name out there and things seem to be moving in a more positive direction.  For that I am extremely pleased.

Things run deep, my nature is far from forgiving even if the past is exactly that – The past.  Right now I am too busy moving on with my life and dealing with far more important matters to be bothered about the recent past.  Best to leave it where it belongs, a piece of bad history that is not even worth recording any longer.