Being Human, Being Me

More than a month ago I was told I had no idea or understanding of what ‘Human Nature’ is.  Less than twenty-four hours ago, I was accused of the same thing.  Now as someone who is a fully paid up member of the Human Race, a ‘Homo Sapien’ I would like to think that after nearly half a century of life on this glorious Planet of ours called ‘Earth’ I would have a basic idea of what Human Nature is.

And so I do.  I am not going to make a case here as to why I have more than a fundamental understanding of Human Nature and what that is and what it entails.  What I will say and argue is Human Beings and their Nature is far too diverse and complex to be put in a one-fits-all banner and simply call it ‘Human Nature’.  I don’t have the answers; I am not a psychologist and I don’t pretend to be one or preach that my view is the only one and true theory or viewpoint.  What I do know is Human Beings are far more complex and powerful than we can truly imagine.  We have only tapped into a minute fraction of our true potential.  As we progress, grow, develop and evolve as a Species, we eventually, gradually achieve that potential and evolve to the next level in our evolution.  However I digress.

On two separate occasions, I was told I didn’t understand Human Nature.  But does anyone truly understand Human Nature overall?  I would argue we don’t fully understand ourselves individually, collectively or as a Species.  We are still learning about ourselves, how our bodies work from the gene and chromosomes upwards.  What was the Human Genome Project all about?

For myself (and I may be contradicting myself here,) on a basic fundamental level, I have some understanding of Human Nature on an everyday, social basis.  From my observations and that as an Actor and most especially from personal relationships, I have noted how people seldom take a long term view on anything.  Not exactly evolution, more devolution.  There is that argument that we are devolving as a species and when I look around me, especially sitting and observing people on the Southbank of the River Thames, outside the National Theatre, I truly wonder.  A little unfair on the folk who are enjoying the sunny, warm June weather but that argument comes to mind occasionally, especially when you see people so drunk and degenerate in their behaviour after a session of binge drinking nearly weekday and mostly every weekend.  Despite this, I still see Human Beings as being on an upward evolutionary cycle.  Not the cynic most people think I am.

Whenever I hear the subject or accusation that I have levelled against me about not understanding Human Nature, it is more an argument about my not sharing a viewpoint or my take on my life, my environment, my attitude, my approach to how I lead my life and the my dealings with the issues I confront each day, each month, each year doesn’t conveniently fit in with their comfort zone or viewpoint of life.  What I am really being told is they don’t understand me or my approach and my apparent lack of understanding about their world view or take on things.  In making the accusations they do, they fail to realise or understand that everyone is different and I am no different than anyone else.  Like everyone else, my life is unique to me.  No one knows my life or me better than I do.  I have a history some of it good, some of it bloody awful and over the years, I have had to take a real hard look at myself, ask myself some real hard, searching questions about myself, reach solutions, implement them and move on.  I am still reaching out, asking myself ‘Who Am I?’ rediscovering who I am in light of experience, learning lessons from those experiences and moving on from those situations.  Anyone reading my previous entries would realise this.  I am not perfect – far from it! But I make the most of who I am and seek ever more knowledge, wisdom and understanding based on my experiences through life and interactions with other people.  This one could well argue is what Human Nature and being Human is all about.  This is but one point of view.  My point of view, no one else’s.  Being Human and what it takes to be Human has been the subject and discussion of Man since we were cast out of Eden or evolved via the Darwinian Theory through developing learning to living together via Civilisation through the rise and fall of nations and empires right up to the present.  Whether via Science, Religious, Esoteric or the Spiritual, Man, Human Beings, Homo Sapien continue and will continue to pose questions about who they, we are, eventually finding the answers and moving on to the next level of human development, Homo Superior.  Finally casting off our fears, anxieties, even the perceived limitations of our supposedly frail outer shell we call a body.

For me being Human, involves knowing who I am, what I am about, where I am in the great cycle of life.  Also where I want to be in the Cycle, the kind of person I want to be, the kind of life I want to living, the choices I wish to make.  I am as complex, unique and individual as anyone else.  When it comes right down to it, I am me and I can only be me.  I can, have and will continue to be just that: Being Human, Being Me.