These questions came about due to a project I took part in called IVIEWME. The idea behind Sam Seal’s project was to have the interview subject compose ten questions they would ask themselves, pose those questions then proceed to answer them while being filmed.  I came up with more than twenty questions to give both myself and the director (Sam) something to work with.  I selected the ten most questions from the list below just prior to being filmed, which I hope gave a spontaneity to the proceedings.

About me – What have done with my life and my reasons and the processes involved that led me to the questions I will be answering?

I am a mosaic of different people – There is so much I could have done with my life and didn’t for various reasons.  And yet there is so much I have done and achieved.  The process I chose in selecting these questions was to imagine I myself being interviewed for the BBC Programme ‘Face to Face’.  There I am sitting in an armchair, the camera is focussed on me and I am answering questions put to me by the unseen host/interviewer.

Why does style matter?

Style matters because style is one’s personal voice.  How one dresses, speaks, carries and conducts themselves says a great deal about who they are and where they are going.  When I speak of style, I am not talking about how expensive and stylish a person looks or dresses.  It is about the individual’s personal style.  That is what matters to me.  That is what it has always been about for me.

Where is the place I most want to be?

Nirvana, Heaven, Paradise.  That aside, I will settle for my own personal cruise ship and sail around the Aegean Sea, visiting the sites from the Greek Myths.

How do you cope with boredom?

Read, write, workout at the gym – Almost anything to avoid boredom.

How do you cope with lost love?

Not very well!

What are your ambitions and aspirations?

Too numerous to mention.  The main ones are to be a successful film actor and bestselling author.

If you had one wish, what would it be?

The gift of Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding – The gift of Solomon.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Become an Actor.

What do your regret the most?

Losing a lost love

What type of people do you hate the most?

City types (bankers/wankers); arrogant people, people who betray me.

If money, wealth and power were no object, what would you do?

Whatever I wanted but focus on my film and acting career.

Do you remember your first love?

Indeed!  But as a long distant memory.

Do you remember your last love?

Absolutely!  With mixed feelings.

What are your favourite colours?

Blue, Purple, Grey, Navy, Black and White – The colours I like to wear right down to my underwear.

What do you ask yourself when taking a digital photo?

Do I look right?

Why am I taking this picture?

What do I want to convey?

What am I saying to people who see this?

Have you ever kissed anyone of the same sex?


What thoughts run through your mind before you step onto the stage?

Bundles of nerves aside, ‘is my energy positive?’, ‘This is it’, ‘Good luck!’

What thoughts run through your mind before the cameras roll?

Thoughts of the scene and that I am as ready as I will ever be.

What am I grateful for right now?

The love of my family and friends who are there for me and stick by me.

Do you care about others?

Very much so but regret some more than others fail to see that.

And finally….

What’s next for you?

A film role in the next week or so.  After that I tread the boards in a play called ‘A Certain Library in Bath’.