If Anyone Thinks Incompetency Doesn’t Cost Please Read

On Wednesday 22nd September, I visited a very dear friend I have not seen in a while and played catchup on what we have been doing. They related to me a story and even had the letter to back up their story.  Back in 1996 they spend a year working on Les Miserables in London’s West End.  They had a good run, worked hard then moved on.  Earlier this month they received a letter from the production company Cameron Mackintosh, inviting them to appear in the twenty-fifth anniversary peformances of ‘Les Mis’.  They would have been delighted to have been involved.  However Cameron Mackintosh had sent the letter to ‘Spotlight’ (the UK Actor’s Directory,) in July!!!

Somewhere in the administration of Spotlight, the letter was mislaid, not dealt with for two months until they finally sent it to my friend.  Naturally as soon a they got it, they contacted Cameron Mackintosh.  The outcome?  They were too late. First come, first serve.  Everything was done, cast and production had moved on.  The performances are currently happening.  Naturally my friend is gutted beyond dispair.  They have been going through a tough time, just done a fringe play for no pay but with bad treatment and attitude.  This they could have avoided had the letter been passed on two months earlier.

Thankfully I am on the books of three agents and one of them I have absolutely no contact with whatsoever.  She has never taken a phone call from me and I have never laid eyes on her.  I would not be surprised if she pulled this crap on me.  As to the other two agents, one I have never met but we speak every week and she has landed me a major film role, a commercial, internet viral and a corporate job.  The other agent lives locally to me and her offices are a ten minute walk from where I live.

‘Two out of three ain’t bad,’ where agents are concerned.  In the case of Spotlight, for nearly 150 GBP, I would expect them at least earn the membership fees we pay them and actually do something as simply as pass on a communique, especially when that letter contains a job offer – a paying job offer – Money lost!!!

So incompentency does cost.  Quite literally!  And who pays for it?  We do, never the organisations responsible.