Keeping the Wheels of Industry and Life Turning

The past week while being far from easy has not been as difficult as it’s predecessor but I really don’t want to go there.  Lets just say that I won’t be taking long bus rides to Fulham in South West London for some time, nor having anything to do with AYS (At Your Service,) for some quite considerable time.  They certainly were not at My Service or anything else.  When one explains their reasons for a making an application and on that basis one is invited to an interview and subsequently attend a training day (which one fails for some inexplicable reason,) I would like to think that certain parties concerned (namely AYS,) would have the decency to actually inform one of the above.  Instead I had to email them to ask and get an email two days later saying:-


“Hi Daniel,


Many thanks for applying and coming in for an interview and training assessment with us, we very much appreciate your time. Unfortunately you did not pass through training so we will not be able to offer you any employment with us.


At the moment we are experiencing an increased volume of applications, and so successful candidates are those who can demonstrate a high level of experience and outstanding attitude with regards to the job.


Once again, thank you for applying to work for At Your Service and we wish you all the best of luck for the future.






Fair enough but did I have to email them two weeks later to get that response?  I think not but I was left with a different impression. What annoys me was before being invited to the interview I told them I had absolutely no experience whatsoever and it was a new challenge to me.  The fact they advertised in the Non-Acting Employment Section of Spotlight (The UK Actor’s Directory,) as well as Casting Call Pro (another Actor’s Website,) is puzzling as they are now saying they want applicants “who can demonstrate a high level of experience and outstanding attitude with regards to the job.” If that is the case why advertise on Websites dedicated to Actors?  Then turn around and stress the above.  If they had said that in the first place, I wouldn’t have bothered nor have wasted the best part of two days over two weeks wasting my time and money travelling across to the other side of London to endure such nonsense.  Well I got an education for sure.  Lets see what happens when I am a guest at one of the functions they are managing.  Turnaround is such a bitch and I am patient son of one to be sure.  Wasn’t going there but I have so done it, over it, move on.


I got an invite from a casting agency on Facebook called Madcasting who will operating from April 2011.  They need pictures and a CV/Resume.  Pictures fine.  The latter, I had a copy stored somewhere but decided to start from scratch.  Did a new one, then decided to email copies to each of my agents.  Not sure why as all the information is already online via my websites and memberships of various casting websites.  By what doing the above, it helps my representatives to know that I am not idly sitting around on my backside expecting them to do everything in getting me auditions and work.  I am at least assisting the process by doing something.


I had an audition on Friday (via my own efforts I might add,) that went quite well and hoping to get cast.  The quickest, easiest audition I have ever went through, not the usual bullshit of having to turn up and waste your time filling in application forms, when they can get all that information from your agent.  These people actually looked at my details via Casting Call Pro so no need for the usual BS one suffers when you turn up for a casting/audition.


So the past twenty-four/forty-eight hours has involved little old me, keeping the wheels of this one-man industry rolling.  My good friend Kandace has helped with some helpful advice and a few useful numbers.  Bless you Kandace.  We need more people like you.