Running on Empty but Succeeding (Somehow)

It has been  a while since the pressure has been this intense – In fact more so.  Normally I am prepping for a film role, corporate role or a single theatre performance.  This time around I am in rehearsal for one stage production while prepping for another next month.  And as if things were not difficult enough, I am still struggling (though slowly succeeding,) in mastering an American Accent for my role as ‘Bob’ in the Hitchcock inspired Play ‘Dial L For Latch-key’ which opens next week at the Etcetera Theatre, London (please check my calendar on my Website: – for details and dates).


As if the above wasn’t enough I am currently working out a contract with a media company within their Material Operations Division, editing digital files of major TV shows, which while interesting and an eye-opener in many ways, means there is no time to relax and gather one’s thoughts as there is so much at stake.  I guess things could be a lot worse, I could be sitting at home waiting for the ‘phone to ring, checking emails, making cold submissions, endlessly calling my agents.  At least the above activities are keeping me busy and focussed, rather than procrastinating on what could be or should be.

2011 hasn’t been all that bad thus far.  There is the upcoming release of a major horror movie some time this year that I worked on back in August last year, not to mention Dial L For Latch-key this month and next month, as well as another performance in ‘A Certain Library in Bath’ Both at the New End Theatre in March in but instead of playing ‘Ken’ or ‘Nick’ in this production, I will be playing the Book Collector ‘Bentley’.  Looking forward to the challenge.

Things are getting better or at least they seem to be.