My Day in Court

Wedneday (yesterday,) was an interesting day.  I had taken up the offer of a free training session in Legal Skill Training with the SAS Law School.  I had the offer for more than a week so when Wednesday morning came, I am up early, suited, booted and raring to go.

I made a stop on the way there but still got to The Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand by 10am, an hour earlier than I needed to be there.

No chances were being taken by Security there.  I had to empty the entire contents of my backpacker into a large Tray (and my bag was full,) before passing everything through a scanner.  Luckily for me they didn’t spot (for some reason,) the cut-throat razor that was in a plastic bag along with couple of corkscrew wine openers and for that I am very grateful as I had forgotten I had that razor in my bag.

Once passed security I made my way to the Reception desk and asked for details.  On looking over the printed email message I had, the lady point out that the email said not to ask at Reception as they would not know anything about it.  Which was true as she didn’t know anything about it.

Anyway, I made my way to the meeting area to the left of the Reception Area and read through the notes I had received.  While waiting (and reading,) I took the time to do a little people watching and observe people as they moved in and around the Court.  Now I know why Desmond Morris was so interested in ‘Man Watching’.

More ‘Man Watching’ and reading later and a few more people had turned up.  Then finally Leslie, a slim, black Gentleman, finally found us and gathered us together, before he introduced himself and went on to discuss what we would be doing during this session.  He then went on to discuss the Assignment and the questions involved and ways in which we could approach those questions.  We were then split into two groups and as a team proceeded to tackle the assignments.

One of the assignments was sitting in on court cases.  My team sat in on two very interesting cases but due to time constraints, we couldn’t  stay in any one court too long.

To sum up the Session, it was an very interesting session and I learned a great deal about legal terms (past and present,) how to approach people and gain information etc.

So having an interesting time in court, all that is left is for me to complete a course of questions, send them via email and once marked get my Certificate of Attendance and Pass, as well taking up their offer of membership to the Institute of Paralegals and earning my job reference by attending court cases and filing reports as A Court Reporter.  Interesting times ahead but not in the Chinese Sense I assure you.