Letting the Side Down

Today I experienced a situation I had never experienced before.  Never in my professional life as an Actor have I ever experienced a situation where half the cast of a production didn’t turn up for the final rehearsal before a show enters the final stages of production.

I was hoping to make another visit to A Certain Library but one half of the cast had other ideas.  Unlike previous productions, things were running far from smooth which is why I was called in.  That aside, I could never have imagined that more than twelve hours after the director had laid his cards out on the table and told the entire cast it was decision time – either commit or I close the whole production down, by an overwhelming majority, everyone (bar one person,) decided to continue.  Well 10am Saturday morning I turned up and one cast member was there.  The director and two other members of the cast also turned up – No one else!!!  One hour later, everything was cancelled so the Show in this particular case will not be going on.

It does bring to question (yet again,) just how serious people are about pursuing an acting career if they cannot handle the pressure or be professional and all that entails.  Even with the best will in the world many of us will not make the big time and that is even with putting in  the time, effort and work.  What says anyone who doesn’t even reach that benchmark?  Go figure!!!


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