……Enough is truly enough!  My reasons for writing this is based on the recent news of President Barack Obama being forced to produce his Birth Certificate for no other reason than the pressure brought to bear by those idiots who operate under the guise of Republican Politicians.  If this is the end result of Republican Politics, then I am very happy and content to maintain a Monarchy and remain a Royalist for the rest of my life.

In more than two hundred years since its formation as a sovereign state, the United States has had a turbulent history, one that is well recorded, probably better recorded than the history of any other nation on the Planet.  It has an excellent form of Government and Democracy that is probably better than any other on the Planet.  Given this there is a tendency to get things wrong and the United States is no different than any other democracy in existence.  Given such ideals as liberty, individual rights and Home of the Free, the Original Sin with the United States has and continues to be that it does not live up to its ideals.  Until the latter half of the Twentieth Century, individual rights and freedoms depended on how pale the colour of your skin was.  This despite President Abraham Lincoln’s Declaration of Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, it would be nearly a hundred years before the American Ideal would be realized by large sections of American Society who were treated as second class citizens and much worse depending which area of the Country you lived in.

There is no denying that Race plays a significant part in American Society.  It plays a large part in British Society as well but has never been tackled in the way it has been during the latter half of the Twentieth Century in America.  People like to think we have come a long way in terms of Racism in British Society but I would argue differently based on more than forty years of personal insight and experience.  That is something no one can take away from me with glib comments such as ‘You have an attitude problem’ or ’It is all in the past’.  To the first I would counter by asking: ‘And exactly what kind of attitude are you seeing?  And if so what is it based on?  Have you got more than forty years of personal history of being subjected to discrimination and racism to make an informed view?  If you have, then by all means I would like to hear it.  Let’s share our shared experience on such matters’.  To the second comment I would counter it with: ‘Oh really!  It is all in the past is it?  And what do you base that notion on?’

Where Racism (which is the discriminating against people and the denial of their rights based on their ethnic, cultural, religious or sexual orientation,) is concerned it always has one foot or rather both feet in the past.  Simply put the more we try to move forward as a species, there is always the need to hold to the past and Racism in the Twenty-First Century, should be a relic left way behind in the past.  I would argue as a British Person of Jamaican Parentage, born and raised in the UK, I should not have had to feel I was a foreigner in my own Country, especially when one takes into account that Jamaica was a (British) Crown Colony for more than three hundred years. This means that my ancestors were probably more British than many of the white British racists chanting ‘Send ‘em back, send ‘em all back’.  My Mother (classed as a foreigner,) actually entered the UK via London in January 1962 via a British Passport.  Off an airliner at Heathrow and not ‘The Banana Boat’ as some bigoted White Police Officer (in Birmingham,) once remarked to me.  The (Jamaican) currency she entered the Country with she used to buy a Collins Edition of The Holy Bible.  Her first purchase using Jamaican currency which was legal tender here also at that time.  That is how British she was in 1962.  I discuss my Mother for the simple reason I have seen the exact same British Passport she entered the UK with all those years ago.  So I was always strangely curious of Margaret Thatcher’s Immigration Policies during her tenure as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, in that it discriminated against the large sections of the UK population who were from former British Colonial Territories and held British Citizenship on entering the UK during the post-war years.

Of course discrimination on the basis of colour is nothing new, it happens everywhere.  It is just that the South Africans and Americans were more honest about it than other nations.  It was never a well-known fact to people of my generation who were the children of people from former colonial territories, just how much of a contribution our parent’s homelands had made to the British Nation.  Our ancestors supported the British in their expansion of empire.  They fought in their wars across the globe, including two World Wars, those who were not actively serving in the British Armed Forces, like their Great Britain counterparts, were contributing goods and materials to the war effort.  Sadly none of this was ever mentioned in any history book or in any British school curriculum to my knowledge.  In fact the role of British Imperialism was seldom discussed in any great detail.  We were taught about the various battles and conquests but never the true cost, the aftermath, nor the contribution our ancestors (whether they be Caribbean, Indian, African, Aboriginal, Chinese, Native American,) had made to the British cause.  I truly believe if such things were taught and discussed in British schools, we would not have had young black men rioting on British streets during the 1970s and 1980’s (difficult when ‘Life on Mars’ was a reality for many young black men, not to mention dying in police custody) and we would not have young Muslim men being indoctrinated to strap explosive devices on themselves and blow themselves up along with many innocent people.  From a British Perspective, this is one of the true costs of perpetrating the continuing nurturing of Racism.  When second and third generation children of immigrants born here in the UK feel disenfranchised in their own country, stand up and say ‘Enough Is Enough’ then we all count the cost of short term Conservative thinking on the part of the white ruling classes.  You cannot cover up such prejudices as Government Policy, or quoting Law and Order if such prejudices and outmoded thinking exists throughout the judiciary and the police force.

Speaking of outmoded thinking, brings me full-circle to the situation regarding the United States and its President, one Barack Hussein Obama.  Since when has a sitting President of the United States or any President of the United States for that matter, ever had to produce his Birth Certificate?  America has a habit of producing a long line of bad Presidents and Barack Obama does not fall into that category.  So why should a President of the United States so late in the game have to produce his Birth Certificate?  I don’t recall anyone asking for JFK’s, Johnson’s Nixon’s, Carter’s, Reagan’s, Bush I’s, Clinton’s, Bush II even.  So why has Obama being singled out for such dubious treatment?  What distinguishes Obama from the above luminaries, all of whom during my lifetime have held the Office of President of the United States?  There are many things but bottom line, it comes down to the fact he is a Black Man.  The first Black Man to attain the Office of President of the United States.  He made History.  No one I know in American or anywhere else thought they would ever see a black man in The Oval Office during their lifetime.  But none of this matters when Republican politicians long on conservatism, short on ideas and solutions about how to turn America around, try to derail a sitting President who is doing a difficult job because his predecessor who was a Republican involved his country in two wars based on lies, while ignoring international law in the illegal detention of terrorist suspects in a foreign location without charge or access to proper legal representation.  This is the mess Obama has to clean up.  What makes the Republicans think they can produce anyone better for the job?  Their man was in The Oval Office for eight years and he left America in worse shape than when he entered that Office in 2001.  It should be noted his Administration did not contribute one single idea or solution to the situation in the Middle East.  He appears on Oprah Winfrey’s show, laughs and says how glad he is to be no longer in ‘The Swamp’.  This from a two-term President of the United States!  And people wonder why I am so scathing about Republican and Conservative Politics.  Go figure!

I should not be too surprise by all this.  This is how Republican Politics works.  They don’t believe in Government or that it works and generally when they get a man into the White House and control both Houses of Congress, we see the end result.  They actually prove Government does not work.  How true the opposite is when Democrats hold control of both Houses.

I truly hope the American people wake to all this nonsense because it is just a Tactic of Distraction to turn people’s attention away from the real issues that faces every man, woman and child up and down the Country.  What is the Administration, what is the Government doing to get America working again?  From what I have seen the Republicans via their Bastard Off-Spring ‘The Tea Party’ seem to offer nothing substantial if anything at all to this debate so resort to the derisory attack on The President in hope everyone will be fool by the fact they are washed up and bereft of ideas and real solutions to the above.

There comes a time when the people should stand up and be counted and say enough is enough!  A smart man by the name of Ken Loach once said it was the Joker at Court who dared to tell the truth because only the Joker (The Fool,) would dare to tell the ruling classes what was really happening.  Therefore we should all be the Joker and speak out and tell those who act in our name the truth and what the truth really is.  Mr. Loach was right.  We are a species destined for greatness but as long as we have people in positions of influence, who are devolving rather than evolving, the future of the species is in great jeopardy.  Ask yourself, honestly ask yourself this:  Why should any man, woman or child have to put up with such indignities and racial discrimination based on nothing more than their name and the colour of their skin, their culture heritage even?

Time to be The Joker, The Fool, The Court Jester and give those in power a taste of the something they are not used to hearing – The Truth!!!  Enough is Enough!!!