You Know You Have Worked for One Organisation Too Long …

…when your services are no longer required.  That is fact of life but when an organisation you have worked for and had an association with over the past five years, doesn’t offer you any work for 13 months, then dumps you when you check in with them today, tells me everything that is wrong with temping and employee/employer relations in Britain. So I am done with temping. I am Professional Actor so I will focus my energies there instead. And if I starve or become homeless – Then so be it! I am not compromising myself any further for two-faced, ungrateful bastards!

Hard work and effort (in my humble experience,) has seldom being rewarded in terms of renumeration. My acting career has taken a dent because I was involved in some work contract.  Well, there is a bright side I suppose, in that while the powers that be at the Agency didn’t think I was worth employing, I actually got to work on a commercial, a corporate project, and an Internet Viral and a major horror film.

Like a loved one said to me today, ‘The agency has showed you that you can get along without them’.  And how true that statement was.  I can I will.

Temping is such thankless, bloody awful job anyway (for me at least).  No rights in the workplace, tedious jobs, no future etc.  I have a more successful career as an Actor and have a CV/Resume to prove it.  So you know what?  I am sticking with that and following my dream with no compromise on my part.  I do things for my benefit, not others, nor their convenience.

I have the utmost confidence in my powers and abilities, even if the folk at ProspectUs in London don’t.  They don’t need me, I can do with them, they bad attitude, incompetence, ungrateful and unapprecative nature for hard work and commitment.