A Message to My Detractors

I was browsing Facebook when I felt compelled to write to some of my detractors posing as actors, who I worked with in more recent times on several theatre productions.  My message to them was:-


“You know, when I take on an acting job, I am not bothered about who I will be working with.  The director casts a project, I audition and if I get cast I get the job, end of story. I am not interested if my fellow actors think I am a bloody awful actor.  You know why?  I have a professional CV/Resume that says, Film, Stage, Television, Corporate Modelling, Internet, Voice-over and Documentary.  I will gladly hold it up against any of those I have worked with.  Gladly!  I don’t have to prove myself to anyone other than those who are casting projects.  I am not bothered if certain no-name actors think I am a shit actor.  Hollywood has its fair sharel of shit actors who make millions of dollars a year so I am in good company.  For the last eight years, I have made many sacrifices, gone without, lived in poverty and struggled. Boy did I struggle. I continue to struggle.  You know why?  Nothing comes easy.  If you want success you have to shut your mouth and work for it.  Damn hard!!!  On the way up that ladder of success, you have to deal with shit.  You have to deal with and work with people who think you are shit.  And because they think you are shit, they think they can step on you.  They make their casting in a project conditional that I am not cast in it because I am bloody awful.  And you know what really gets me?  They think I am too stupid not to see through their two-faced, painted smile.  I am a better actor than they think because I don’t let on I see through the painted smile.


A smart, smart man by the name of Kenwright once told me: “If anyone tells you that are bad, ask yourself, ‘who is saying you are bad and what have they done?'”  I have a better and much faster solution to my detractors.  Google your name and see what comes up.  Then Google my name and see how many pages come up.  You know why that is?  It is real simple.  I do the work necessary.  I spend my time developing my career, promoting myself, marketing myself, getting myself an agent (I have three,) rather than criticizing, good, professional hard working people, who have done all the things you haven’t done because you are too busy bad mouthing them, criticising good original work and telling directors their business.


Lesson 101 to my detractors – You don’t tell directors their business. Directors tell you their business.  It is called ‘Taking Direction’.  Learn to take direction now rather than later because your acting career will be over before it has even begun.  TIME STARTS NOW, NOT LATER.


Message over!”


I have to admit to having the most trying weekend from the overly wet and rain-swept Friday afternoon when I got stuck on a bus due to a traffic accident and was two hours late for an audition for a job I didn’t end up getting.  My weekend was downhill all the way including today.  Getting dumped by a temping agency didn’t improve my spirits any and when one finds out fellow actors you worked with take the view they do about myself, I think it is time to write an open letter and tell them where to step off.  They didn’t have the guts to tell me to my face what they told others behind my back.  Life is difficult enough already without people bad-mouthing me behind my back.  They don’t know me, they don’t know my background even though there is plenty of evidence online that they haven’t bothered to read.  That aside, even the professional detractors who get paid to pull you apart, don’t seem remotely interested in writing a single word of criticism concerning me.  I guess that is why I prefer film so much because you just don’t get this kind of shit because Film is an Directors Medium, Stage an Actor’s Medium.  The former doesn’t tolerate some actor’s strutting the kind of shit I am talking about. I just wish theatre was more like film.  The atmosphere tends to be cleaner.  Fortunately my message will produce a better cleaner atmosphere in rehearsals right through to the last night performance.