It is a long known tradition in Show Business that despite the hard work and best efforts, many people never become a household name.  There is no shame in that.  Not everyone can hog the limelight and have all the attention.  The above comes to mind because after nearly a decade in the Business, experience of working on more than twenty-five films, around fifty television productions, prior to a career in Theatre, I am reminded every so often that there is still a long road to travel.


My experience with regard to the promotion surrounding the promotion of The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence is such a reminder.  The lessons I take away from this are numerous but not all that surprising for they just confirm what I have always believed that it is better to do job, move on and forget about it.  I have been asked (oddly enough,) to be interviewed for a magazine but the interview took the form of being emailed ten questions that needed answering.  I had a far more interesting experience doing something similar for Sam Seal’s IViewMe Project, which was quite stimulating, invigorating and was actually filmed the week prior to my work on HC2: FS.  What differed with this particular interview was it comes more than a year after my work on Tom Six’s Film and done so remotely and without all that much interest or interaction on the part of the interviewer that  I don’t believe this interview will even see the light of day (as I have had no feedback, whatsoever,) it does make me wonder why anyone would be even remotely interested in interviewing me for anything?  I attended an event at The London Tombs which was showcasing an exhibit show based on the first (Human Centipede movie,) and was ignored by the public relations people for the whole evening, whilst interviewing the other cast members.  A similar thing has pretty much happened since the release of the Sequel (which I am actually in).


I am thankful that in the near eighteen months since my work on the second movie, I have actually had a fair bit to do in Theatre and other areas.  Not making a fortune by the way but I am doing the best I can and my CV/Resume has actually grown a fair bit.  If I had been interviewed, I would have said pretty much what I am saying now.  That whilst I had a great time working on The Human Centipede: Full Sequence and fully support the film in every way, I have worked hard prior to my being cast, I worked hard while I was on the production and I have worked a damn sight harder in the eighteen months since then.


I have always believed it is better to actually do one’s own publicity rather than wait for others to do it for you.  When you do something yourself like Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, you get to do it ‘Your Way’ no one else’s.



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