The Best of Times and Yet Potentially the Worst of Times

The Title in many ways sums up where I am with the onset of 2012.  I suspect (no-brainer really,) that I am not alone in my thinking.  2012 overall should be an interesting Year and an interesting time if you live in the UK, especially in London of all places.

Why?  Well, for the first time since 1948, the Summer Olympics will be held here.  What an event!  And if that was not enough, we have the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – A year-long celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s Sixtieth Year as a reigning Monarch.  Those are at least two of the highlights for 2012 but somehow it seems as there is little to celebrate.

One reason for that problem is the way this Country is governed.  We currently have a Government that is ripping the heart and soul out of the Country in the name of ‘Reducing the Deficit’ which no one truly believes in.  If there was any kind of foresight and long-term vision from those who lead us, then they would have taken a more upbeat attitude and looked at 2012 as a time when we actually turn the corner, turn things around.  The UK will probably have more people visiting its shores than at any other time in its history.  The eyes of the World will be on us because of the events I mention above.  All of the above should be good for the Country, the Economy should it not?  One would not think so with the bile coming from our leaders.  No surprises there.

As to my good self, what does 2012 hold for me?  Plenty actually, though at times it does not seem that way.  Unlike our so-called leaders, I am not in a comfortable position, with so much to crow on about but take a pessimistic attitude instead – I could but choose not to.  2012 has not started all that well for me personally or professionally.  First off, I missed out on working for two days on the new Bond movie ‘Skyfall’.  The reason being I had a meeting for work on an ongoing film project that would have been a good stream of regular income.  Unfortunately I was advised by a text message late in the day prior to the meeting and could not do the first day on ‘Skyfall’ but could have done the second day.  As a result they could not use me.  That is all well until one finds out the meeting was a complete waste of time and nothing was ever going to come of it.  It is called bad choices and it happens.  One has to get over it.  All I can do is to continue with my career, do the best work I can as an Actor, make the right choices and who knows?  Not the best of starts to a New Year but there you go.  One small crumb of cold comfort is that while I may be good enough to work on a Bond film, I am not good enough to work on some no-name film project.   Strange that but then we are talking about the world of Show Business here.

The upside to the beginning of 2012 is there are promising things coming my way.  In February I make my London West End Debut in a Play called ‘All About Poe’.  I was involved in the Premiere of the Play back in November (2011,) and now I am moving with the production to the West End so that is a professional as well as personal milestone for me.  I can finally say I am a West End Actor.  After that I begin rehearsals in the Pelas Theatre Company’s production of Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night, which premieres in May.  The great thing about working with the Company’s Founder and Director Nick Pelas is his productions allow me to pursue other work opportunities in film, television and photography, while at the same time continue to be involved in theatre.

So while there are and will always be setbacks in anyone’s life, in any given year, 2012 does hold a lot of promise.  A Year where hopes and dreams of many years can and will begin to be realised.  One just has to maintain an upbeat frame and mind, a positive frame of mind, a can-do mentality as well as a little Stalinist attitude of no retreat, no surrender, press ever forward.  Life is tough in many ways – In every conceivable way actually.  No I am not comfortable, I am not always able to do the things people take for granted but ‘Every Dog Has It’s Day’ and mine is yet to come.  2012 is the Year when I will begin to have My Day.  A Day that will last far longer than any twenty-four hour period, any single year or decade for that matter.

Case of watching This Space.


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