Monday Blues, A Blue Monday

There is and has always been something very depressing about Monday’s especially Monday morning.  The rot used to set in early on each Sunday – Most notably when I spent all those years as a 9 to 5 wage slave – Nothing wrong is doing honest, steady work while it lasted.  But I have lost count of the number of Sunday’s that were spoilt because I hated the notion of going into work the next morning – Monday morning!

These days, my hatred of all things Monday has not abated but the one upside (an unfortunate side effect,) is that I am not always gainfully employed regularly.  Sundays are not so bad now or ruined and I love the flexibility my current lifestyle affords me.  However, everything comes at a price, one of them being my bank accounts are continually screaming at me, not to mention my many creditors.  Such is one’s life currently but the strange thing is I am always working.  May not be working smart but I am working.  Such a strange existence at times.

Mondays differ from other days in that as each day rolls into the other and seem the same, Monday reminds one that another week has gone by and you are still in the same situation you were in yesterday and last week.  Another week has passed you by and is gone – Gone forever and you are still standing still.

Many people will start something new on Monday.  For me that is something I just can’t do. I would rather start something new on Sunday or Tuesday.  Mondays just don’t work for me.  Having garbled on about all this, there are those rare times when working on a Monday pays dividends.  For example, a first night theatre performance on a Monday.  I roll up on Monday morning, we go through dress rehearsals, technical runs, a full run, then another full run and keep on working on scenes, blocking until everything is perfect.  Then the first night, we go on stage and give the best performance of our lives and go home on a high.

Speaking of the above, back in September (12th, 2011,) when the Pelas Theatre Company gave a one-night performance of Chekhov’s ‘The Bear’, I arrived at Baron’s Court Theatre early on Monday morning and did all of the above.  The big difference this time around was a friend was flying in from The United States.  I was worried about them but I had a play to do.  I did the work.  The Night went down well.  I was elated but was worried about my dear friend.  So I headed straight from the theatre, over to Notting Hill, checked on them, made sure everything was okay, spent some time catching up on things before heading back home – the main reason being I had a promotional job the next morning nearer to home.  So a long bus ride home in the early hours of Tuesday morning.  I got home, did my online stuff, went to bed around four, was up at six and on location for 7.30.  Amazing how I hate Mondays but due to doing work I love, I managed to get passed it all.  As side note I hung out with my dear friend and we had a great week going around London.

As to Monday of this week?  Well as a less than gainfully employed Actor, it followed the same pattern most Monday follow, which I hate.  I did little and nothing.  Oh, before I went to bed I did take up blogging again, my first  and this entry being my second of 2012 but I digress.

By the time I decided to get up the day was gone.  Neither sleep nor a Duvet Day helps much. The day was gone and there was nothing I could do about it.  I just function better on any other day of the week but Monday.  Unless I am working at what I love.  Which brings up another point I should be seriously considering.

Why am I not writing more?  Jesus, I have many ideas for short stories, novels, plays, loads of reading material go through, research.  Maybe I should just get my lazy arse out of bed early on a Monday morning and focus my energies there.  Solved my own dilemma?  Or have I?  We shall see.  Maybe that way, Mondays will be more enjoyable. When I am not acting that is.


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