There is Always Hope

No matter how difficult life gets, no matter the curve balls thrown one’s way, there is always hope life will get better.  I am tired of living hand to mouth.  What makes it worse is that I am owed money for work I have done but I cannot get the people concerned to pay up.  Doesn’t help me pay the rent or anything else and that is just so damn depressing.

I have mentioned this before in a previous entry but I am finding it increasingly harder to remain focussed on the jobs at hand, as my energies seem to be redirected towards dealing with chasing payments, keeping creditors at bay, not to mention trying to survive under very difficult circumstances.

If there is a solution apart from hiring lawyers which I cannot afford, then I am all ears.  It seems no amount of ‘phone calls or emails generate any kind of proactive response, if any response at all.  I guess I will either have to charge higher rates for my services or climb the food chain ladder ever higher and see if thing work far more smoothly up there.

The Universe has a way of turning things around so lets see what happens from here on in.


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