The Long Good Saturday

Longest Saturday I have ever known. 3.30am start, up, out of bed, washed, dressed, gear together and out the door a little after 4am.  What followed was more than a long walk in heavy pouring rain to the bus stop to begin what would be a nightmare three bus ride to Balham in South London. Along the way, had long wait for buses, had to endure more heavy rainfall, got stranded on London Bridge as buses for some strange reason headed across The Bridge going North but got diverted and weren’t going South via Bridge. Was there any mention at the bus stop? Hell no but somehow despite it all I actually made it to the location on time.

Filming when well on the Common, until every Tom, Dick, Harry and Jane decided to jog by and/or walk their dog. Something of a jogger/dog walker paradise. The filming went well, was suppose to finish at 9am so I could get elsewhere by 10am but finished later than expected, which made me well over a hour late for theatre rehearsals all the way in West London, which was not part of the deal. Fortunately I wasn’t fired off the Production but think in future, will leave rehearsal days free entirely.

And I am still damn tired but it was still Saturday. The day wasn’t without it’s problems but it was still Saturday and it was a great working day. A film on location, a theatre and caberet rehearsal, from one end of London to the other. Wouldn’t have it any other way, though I could do without the heavy rainfall and London Transport’s unhelpful diversion of their buses for no apparent reason in Central London.


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