How An Asshole Spoiled My Day & Wasted My Time

There is nothing more hellish than meeting the person you could have been.  There nothing more annoying than spendng a whole week, dividing your time between trying to learn your lines for an upcoming theatre production, whilst preparing for a film audition.  You read the script time and time again, as well the character breakdown.  You read up on Asperger’s Syndrome, the Scientist ‘Nikola Tesla’, Tesla Coils and anything and everything concerning the subject.  Then, you prepare for the script reading and the interview ‘in character.

Then come Saturday morning, you are up early, make a stop on the way to rehearsals, two tube train journeys later you meet up with your director, have a soft drink, a chat, then make your way to the venue, where for the next several hours, everyone in attendance, works extremely hard and produce good results.  During one’s break, you look over the film script and reacquaint yourself with all the work you have done thus far.  Then come, the end of the working day, you make a beeline to the Station to get the first of two trains.  You finally come out Baker Street Underground Station and make your way to Theatre Delicatessen, 35 Marylebone High Street, realise you are going in completely the opposite direction until you check the GPS on one’s smartphone and realise your mistake.  And despite all this, turn up at exactly the appointed time, only to find the building where the audition is supposed to take place is locked.  There is no contact number for the people you are suppose to be auditioning for.  So you send them them an email.  Finally some people totally unconnected, come and open up the building and let you in, and give you some directions as to where the people you are suppose to be meeting maybe.  You check the whole of the first and second floor of the building – No cigar!

Finally on your way home, you compose yourself and compose an email saying ‘Thank you for inviting me to audition.  I came prepare, done my search and was ready.  It is pity you were not there and and it is also a pity that your professionalism and courtesy does not match my own.  I get some bullshit emails saying that a note was left on the front entrance – There was none.  This was followed by another email saying that they will be holding auditions this Thursday.  My final note was to return an email saying that I no longer have any interest in their project, as I don’t work with or for ‘Sloppy, unprofesssional people’.

So to Marc Adamson of Quantum Films, I say this:-

While there are many admirable things about your background and your film project ‘Colliding Worlds’, I was interested enough to devote a great deal of time, reading your script, analysing it and doing a great deal of research into the background subject matter and building up a take on the character.  I spent a whole day working with a director I respect and admire and after a long working day, I still made the time to get to the venue to audition for a role I very much wanted to do.  But your shitty and unprofessional behaviour or rather the lack of any, is somewhat disappointing to say the least.  I wish you every success with your film ‘Colliding Worlds’ but good as it is, I do wonder if a person who isn’t capable of taking the time to contact you and reschedule an audition, just what is that person capable of doing?  As annoying an asshole as you are, I am glad I know what I know now.  I just wish I had known it earlier because your bloody awful behaviour spoiled what was a highly productive day!


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