Should I Move Forward In Life and Be a Better Person Or Dumb Down to Please Others?

I have spent the night going through a box of old software I have had since the late 90s. I had forgotten how much sofware I used to buy at one point. Well from Ebay anyway because those are the ones I still have. Well not anymore as I am givng them away.

Then was an email exchange via Facebook with a dear friend in Canada. And while that was happening, I was going through my Facebook Timeline and catching up on responses to comments I made. The odd thing is some hours earlier I was told (and not for the first time,) about how deep, my conversations were. Of how I would go off on a tangent and move from one subject matter to another and everything has a historical, political and historical aspect to it. Am I such a bad conversationalist? Probably I am. All I know is that I wasn’t always like this. I was the complete opposite. An introverted mess actually.

I spent a lot years both as a boy and a young man, not being able string two sentences together, let alone being capable of putting across an idea. I was terrible at job interviews and suffered long periods of unemployment for many years. And when I did managed to land employment, it was in dead jobs, that were low-paid and had no prospects. This situation went on for many years, until I finally decided to really do something about it. I went to a drama teacher for lessons in communications. He suggested that if I really wanted great skills in communication, why not do the full actor’s course he ran. It would give me all the skills I needed. I took his advice and while it required a lot of hard work and effort, I did the course, did my LAMDA examinations and went as far as getting my Bronze Medal in Acting.

I read widely, began to write and found people liked what I wrote. I entered poetry competitions and while I never won, I got some of my poetry published. To my knowledge my poetry was published in three anthology collections, two of which I still have in my possession many years later.

Anything I write is based on my personal experience and yes, it will have the element of the historical, political and an economic bent. That stems from having a keen mind, memory and historical knowledge that for many years, I was not able to articulate. My entry into the world of Acting changed all that.

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I am not middle class, middle income, even if I am in what could be describe as a middle class/middle income profession. I enjoy what I do immensely and get a deal of joy and satisfaction. There are frustrations but that comes with any job in any profession. I have my downers, my bouts of negativity but always, I manage to stay on point.

So the next time, you have problems with anything I write, do or say, just remember that I don’t expect you to agree with anything nor everything I say. I have travelled a long, hard road, I wasn’t born with plum in my mouth nor did I have a private education. I did state education, went to night school, later college then many years later University. I worked hard, supported a family whilst doing so, holding down a job and paying for it all, without an element of sacrifice

People think they know the story but there is the story behind the story, behind the story. Well, now you know the story behind the story behind the story. So if you really have a hard time understanding what I am talking about, then all I can say is that there are publicly elected and unelected officials who are make a good living talking a whole lot more crap than I could ever do. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to bring to account and find out exactly what qualifications are in telling us how to run our lives. I wouldn’t mind the criticisms I get so much but those very same people bury their heads in the sand think nobody is interested in hearing how bad things are for the other person and everone else. Is it any wonder Society is in the mess it is in. When did it become a crime to able to converse on a level that indicated that you at the very least made a decision to raise yourself via education to a higher level in order to express yourself better?

At least my conversations, written or verbal comes from a life lived and is based on nothing more that a personal viewpoint backed up with some historical, political and historical facts along the way. Maybe I should shut up or just pretend to be some thick uneducated chav. But why should I because it makes you feel comfortable? I know ignorance is bliss but it has never been my style and if you don’t get that then go figure why that maybe.

People certainly have a strange view of me on Facebook. Maybe I should shutdown my account and stop writing altogether.  Like I said, dumbing down just isn’t my style


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