The Full Response to an Excellent Huff Post Article

Catherine Balavage – Actor, Write and Editor of Frost Magazine, wrote an excellent article: ‘Is Feminism Still Worth It’ ( ) and it is well worth reading.  I am pleased Catherine wrote about this subject area because it is one that has bothered me for quite some time, especially due to my many years working in and around offices as an office junior, a temp, market researcher and freelance administrator and PA.  As my response below will detail, I have never believed in the nonsense and notion that ‘Feminism’ did women any favours, anymore than ‘Equal Opportunities’ (in the UK,) ‘Affirmative Action’ (in the US,) and ‘Positive Discrimination (Affirmative Action by the another name in the UK,) actually did anyone or the people they were geared toward helping, any favours. In fact Feminism only ensured (and depending on where you work,) that men have to look over their shoulder and lose a sense of perspective and their sense of humour in order to keep their jobs.  And if you have any doubt about that, then google the names “Andy Gray and Richard Keys – Sky Sports” and you will get the general idea.  When women start feeling they are constant victims, rather than co-workers and colleagues and unable to speak freely, then we are in trouble.  The same could be said about men in the post-Political Correctness era. Like I said, Feminism has done women no favours whatsoever and has only damaged relations and mutual respect between male and female colleagues in the workplace.

Anway this is the link: ( )  Read the article then read my full response below.

This a great article Catherine.  You made a good point about men not doing their share of the housework.  I am just as guilty as any other man, even if I at times do more than my fair share.  What interested me also was your mention of feminism.  I grew up in a family of women and live with two ladies so I could be viewed as something of a ‘Male Feminist’ but more in the mould of Charles Moulton (Creator of the female superhero Wonder Woman).

I believed in the Woman’s Movement, and the work of the Pankhursts and Suffragettes in fighting for equal rights and a fair deal for women and actually succeeding in getting women the vote.  The same for fighting for equal rights and pay in the workplace.  It was (and still is,) a complete nonsense for a woman to be doing the same job as a man and to be paid less or to be denied opportunities because she might just decide to start a family.  What Jurassic Park nonsense!

I do however, think that Feminism actually derailed a lot of the good work that came before it.  Women (and I go from the experience of growing up in a family of women,) don’t need to be emancipated.  They already are!  My wife, sisters, cousins, daughter and nieces all lead fulfilling personal and professional lives not because Feminism made it easier for them but rather, they got what they were prepared to go out and take. No more no less.  In fact one could say as your article does, that Feminism hasn’t done women any favours and it hasn’t.

I have seen ‘Feminists’ during my college days sit around the the canteen table or in the common room and talk all sorts of nonsense and to my knowledge not many of them got anywhere in life.  In fact nearly every woman I have known who is successful or marginally successful, has never once pointed to Feminism as the reason for their success and they never needed to.  Their achievements were down to good old fashion hard work and fighting for what they wanted out of their lives and career. And they got it. No more no less.

Feminism should be and should have been consigned to the dustbin of History.  In many ways it is and was far worse than Male Chauvism which I always found funny and stupid back in the day and  especially now when watching old episodes of TV Show ‘The Persuaders’ and ‘Mad Men’. One was a show of its time, the other a period piece that makes no excuses for the behaviour of the male characters.  That is how it was.  I always found feminism made things worse in the workplace even to this day and along with Politcal Correctness even worse.

Two wrongs don’t make a right.  Feminism has no place in the 21st Century anymore than Male Chauvism, Political Correctness did in the late 20th Century. No more no less.  If you cannot treat people with dignity and respect, irrespective of gender, colour or creed, you really have no business being a part of society nor the Human Race.


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