Interesting People to Meet, Interesting Things to Do

One of among many things I have learned during this less than Merry Month of May, is not to waste one’s time on people and situations that will not propel one forward nor add any quality to one’s life, let alone enrich it.  If people have nothing good to say about me, then one in turn should say nothing at all.  Be like Teflon and let it just slide off you or go over your head.  I have run out of things to say about one particular individual and reflecting back, I wondered why I ever bothered in the first place.  Time to stop feeding trolls and move on.  And so I have.

This morning, I attended one of those market research focus groups I usually attend once in a blue moon to be interviewed and/or test out products in order to get my view on the use of such things.  Last time it was potential mobile ‘phones.  This time it was testing out sports websites – One in particular but I won’t name which one.

Testing out this particular sports website, I was amazed at what I didn’t know for someone who is very internet savvy.  Just goes to show there is always something to learn, no matter how smart you may think you are. And I got a small sum of money for my trouble.  A lovely incentive.

After I left the offices of the market research group, I stopped off at a couple of bookshops, one of them being the Charity Oxfam’s Book shop.  I was amazed at the quality of books and material they have in this shop.  I had spotted a DVD boxset of ‘Citizen Kane’ for a mere fifteen pounds GBP and has stopped off to see if I could get it.  Unfortunately the booklet that accompanied the DVD was in French and as it has been some thirty-five years since I last had a French Language Lesson. I didn’t bother with the purchase.

The other Bookshop I stopped off at ‘Bookmarks’ is a Socialist Bookshop but its collection of books is astounding because there are books there on subjects, one is unlikely to get anywhere else.  Certainly not from the main bookshop chains.  Books on Slavery, the Black cause and its history are all to be found in this fascinating bookshop in a busy part of London, on the verge of London’s West End.

One bus ride later and I was in Islington’s Angel, did some shopping and headed home and had lunch.  The interesting thing about the day, from the moment I stepped out of my front door and until I settled into a work pattern, was I had crossed paths with so many interesting people.  Life is too short to have one person pushing all the buttons of discord to make one’s life a misery.  Maybe this is why I have noted all the interesting people thus far today.  Does it really take the machinations of a viper to make you realise this?  Yes, it does.  As a screenwriter friend of mine surmised by researching that person, they defined who they were so succinctly and told me not to feed anymore trolls.  So I haven’t.

As my friend also surmised, I have much to do in a competitive and exciting career, as well going out there and meeting and interacting with all the interesting people out there.  And today, that is just what I did.  And you know what?  She was right.


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