A Letter to the Editor of The Times (London)

Friday 25th May, 2012.

The Editor,

The Times,

3 Thomas More Square,

London, E98 1XY.

Dear Sir,

A very strange thing happened today. I went to bed late but got up at 7am. I proceeded to go for a run twice around the block, hit those stairs, did a series of yoga stretches, before proceeding to do one hundred pushups. As if that wasn’t enough, I had a bath, was dressed in a suit and made a 9am appointment on time. And as if the above wasn’t enough, I attended a lunchtime audition at The Spotlight offices in London’s Leicester Square, after which I walked through London’s Covent Garden and got a bus back home.

Now I am home, catching up with paperwork and looking forward to my first foray into Cabaret later tonight.

Tell me Dear Editor, is this the first indication that Summer has arrived.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. D. Gennis,
Thespian, London.


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