A Year in Retrospect from One Birthday to the Another via Facebook

Well, I enter my Nth year on Planet Earth and still remember last year’s Birthday, which is strange because so much water (in tidal waves,) has swept away so many bridges over the past twelve months.

On the plus points, I have done a great deal of work in theatre, The Bear and All About Poe stand out in memory, as both where performed in great theatre venues, where the latter transferred to London’s West End, so had the privilege of working with some great people and actors in West End.

In other areas, I have worked on photoshoots with excellent photographers, doing great creative work on both sides, as well as working on short film projects and a commercial or two over the course of the past year. Even got to play a Wedding Bride, all in white and driven in a horse and carriage. Imagine that!?

Then there are the auditions and castings. I attended a great deal but need to attend far more to get my face out there. My face is out there but is it being seen by the right people? Who knows because it is not a case of who you know but who knows you so guess it is more networking and getting my charming face out there to as many casting people as possible.

Until I sat down and began writing this, I didn’t realise just how much of an interesting year my 48th year has been. Now I have given the secret away. Oh well! So busy looking for the next job, I never reflect back on all the interesting work and things I am doing and have done. My bank account never reflects my successes but it comes down to how one measures success.

Year 48 has had its fair share of upheavals and downturns both on a professional and personal level. No point dwelling on those as the positives far outweigh the negatives and as the World of Facebook and Twitter know about some and one in particular, less said the better..

So as Year 48 gives way to Year 49, all I can will say is, ‘The King is Dead, Long Live the King’. My Life, Destiny and responsibilities lay in no one’s hands other than my own. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

NB. Originally written as a Status comment on Facebook.


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