Disappointment of Always Hearing Why People Cannot Do or Will Not Do

As someone who has something of a ‘Can Do’ mentality, I am continually disappointed when having to deal with people who have a ‘Can’t Do’ mentality. I am getting sick and tired of people giving me every reason under the sun as to why things cannot happen. I am sure I am not the only one who experiences this but given what I do, I don’t have the luxury of coming up with excuses as to why I can’t do something.

There are plenty of things I wouldn’t to if I had the luxury. I wouldn’t have become an Actor for a start (unbelievable as that seems now). I wouldn’t have worked my ass off in the early years of my career working unpaid as a Production Assistant and a Background Extra (Supporting Artiste if you will,) who had to put up with shit from Assistant Directors (ADs) on film and television sets and locations. I wouldn’t have appeared naked on stage to theatre audiences, nor would I have had my sweet black ass flashing like a big dark moon for all to see for example. Nor would I have had women dancing over me while appearing dead on a stage floor. If there are problems, I work the problems, then they are no longer problems. But hey, I am clinical about these things.

To be quite honest, I am only really interested in what people can do and are prepared to do. It kind of defeats the object, every time I pose an idea, all I get is negativity rather than a positive ‘Can Do’ approach to working the issue, rather than the idea being topedoed at the first hurdle.

I just wonder how some people ever become successful if they can never take a chance or be open to new ideas. Like said, I don’t have the luxury of not taking a risk. Each to their own I guess. I just come from one of two schools: the Stalinist school of ever forward, ‘not a step back’, no retreat philosophy or the Lou Reed school of ‘Take a Walk on the Wild Side’ approach.

Like I said, each to their own.


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