What Is It About the Talented and Talentless aka The Famous People on Twitter?

I was having a conversation recently with someone about Twitter. We found it strange that the more famous a person was, the less they followed anyone. They could have thousands of people following them, yet they may follow only a tiny fraction in comparison.

Now maybe it is me or I am missing a trick here but I have never found it a wise move for anyone with a fanbase of any kind to disrespect their fans. I have just found this happens on Twitter a lot. And the less talented the person is, the worse it gets. Having said that, I checked Lily Tomlin’s Joint Twitter Profile and she only follows twenty-five people despite having a following of thousands.

Okay, they have busy lives etc., I hear you say. My response to that is make the f@#king time! It is people who got you where you are now and when they stop showing any interest, writing about you, then where will you be? I only know of one person who was ever able to walk on water and he died for what he believed in, was resurrected and eventually ascended to heaven.

That was two thousand years ago and I am not aware of anyone who has managed to repeat that feat since then. Nor will they anytime soon either!   No one is infallible. Show recognition to those who recognise you.


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