Getting to Grips With New Ways of Doing Things.

In the process of setting up a Video Channel on YouTube to showcase my work. I have been doing that via Shooting People but still editing clips from work I have done in the past. A very dear friend mentioned Google+ as a possible alternative to FB but still getting my head around that one – Both in fact, as still getting my head around them. Well it keeps me busy plus, I got a breakdown of a theatre script to go through prior to an audition some time soon. Good to be busy and in demand of a kind.

It does make me wonder how showbiz people and the world at large ever managed to get by, let alone develop successful careers without the need for the elements of Social Media.  I pretty much rode the crest of the wave, as I was studying Multimedia/New Media while studying part-time at university in the mid-1990s to 2000.  After that it was bits and pieces here and there until discovered Ebay and began buying software applications from there. I don’t think any course or workshop ever helped me.  I did attend the Federation of Entertainment Unions (FEU) Training day on Social Media and found I pretty much knew it all to a certain extent.  I proposed to FEU doing a workshop on LinkedIn.  They did earlier this year and I missed out on it.  Fancy that!?  You propose the damn thing and then you are not advised about the Workshop until the day it is being run.  Oh well, I have pretty much got to grips with LinkedIn under my own steam anyway and probably learned a lot more than any workshop ever could.

I have found out people are prepared to get to grips with Social Media and make or rather, build their own websites and applications aka apps in order to get what they want out of Social Media and building a Social Media Network (SMN).  One of the friends mentioned above wanted my advice on a new website she built for her consultancy on counselling people on sexual matters.  She wanted to know whether her headshot photo was appropriate and would not lead to men jumping to the wrong conclusion.

Well, firstly her picture was not the crusty featureless photos one normally sees of an academic who is supposedly advising and counselling people on sexual and relationship matters (thank heavens).  Her picture clearly showcases her personality, that is one that is warm, approachable, caring and understanding.  The lady is mature and very sexy in her own way but her Website clearly explains and demonstrates what her business is about.  If anyone (males mainly,) get the wrong idea, then it is a case of their not being able to read or not having anything between their years.  I also explained to her that during my university days when I was doing my multimedia studies, I did a lot of research on the Porn Industry and their impact on Web/Internet (as we were all calling it back then,) and found the last things working girls/escorts ever wore in their profile pictures were glasses.  Maybe in their portfolio there were pictures of them wearing glasses and suit along with short skirt, suspenders, stockings and sexy high-heels.  She had no need to worry.  She couldn’t stop laughing.  She had no worries but she is a very intelligent and thoughtful woman.

As I write about my experiences of dealing with Social Media and how it impacts and affects people, I am finding there are more new ways of doing the same thing in different ways, more efficiently and that is how Social Media like Computing and the Internet before it, continues to expand and evolve.  In fact Social Media does not need computers in order to function or access networks or build them.  One can do that via an iPad or PC Tablet or even a Smartphone.  All you need is a mobile/telecommunication Broadband link to make it  happen.  Then we have ‘Cloud Computing’ where one can upload data to invisible storage in the sky.  Hotmail’s Sky Drive and Apple’s iCloud are good examples of that.  Forgot all of the above can be done via one’s plasma screen TV.  Haven’t got that far personally but it does make me wonder how long it will be before the personal computer and laptop become obsolete.


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