One Day….

….one wakes up and realises (without the text messages,) that some people, no matter what one may say have so little education, intelligence and common sense behind them, that no amount of reasoned argument works.  I look at what I have been doing over the past ten years, in terms of all I have done, I think that is of far more value than trying to reason with people who just don’t get it.

So I will leave those people who are not doing anything constructive nor creative with their lives to carry on as they have.  My influence clearly does not work nor has any bearing on what their lives whatsoever.  And I am more than happy with that.  You see for some people, Ignorance is clearly bliss.  But they are deluding themselves if they think they can continue lying through their teeth.  Karma is always a wonderful thing but when you have lied to so many people, have never revealed what you did to those people over the years and have not corrected that error in judgement, then Karma will of course take the appropriate course.  I have dealt with my demons of the past so I have nothing to fear from Karma, bad or otherwise.

And on that note, I will move on to better things and leave the past where it belongs.  In the past.


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