A Rainy Day in London

I am sure when Randy Crawford sang about ‘A Rainy Night in Georgia’, she could not have imagined the kind of day one would have endured if they lived in London or anywhere else in the UK. I have to admit to once penning a poem ‘About Rainy Night on Thursday’ but that is another story entirely and a very romantic one at that. Whether the lady of my affections at that time still possesses the poem is another matter entirely.  It was so long ago.

The day was going to be a busy one for sure. The fact it was continually raining wasn’t going to make it any easier.

One rainbow on the horizon was an email from a director moving an audition back to Saturday afternoon.  Well I was pleased because I really liked the project I am going up for and needed more time to get to the heart of the character I potentially will be playing on stage.  So that was some good news.

The task at hand was to get to the location of the film company that was casting for a music video.  A long walk for me on a pleasurable dry day but today?  No way but I had to go.  So armed with an umbrella, coat and hat, I was on my way to less than sunny Shoreditch in East London.  I got there, more hot than wet but I made it.

Music videos is not normally projects I get cast in but my agent arranged it (not for the first time,) and now I was there.  Greeted, given a form with a number on the back. Once I filled in the form, was shown to another level where there was a holding area for everyone hoping to be cast.  I took a seat in a large armchair and waited my turn.  As my number was “20” I was going to have a long wait so pulled a book and began to read.

Getting into the book, I was approached by a young lady who was one of the casting people and asked about my form and the number on the back.  Shortly afterwards, she approached me again and asked me to come in the large room where they were auditioning people.  ‘Guess I won’t be here all that long then, I thought’.

We were greeted, told what to do, were filmed and that was that.  Ran into an actor I worked with on Human Centipede 2, who was up for the same production so we played catch up before going back out in the rain.  Oh boy, what a day! And it wasn’t even 3pm but the day was pretty much played out for me so back home to continue building my network and video channel.


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