Discovering a New Shop

One of the pleasant things about walking around London, is one makes discoveries they normally would not make if they are rushing around in cars or public transport for instance.

So it was today on a totally washed out day of rain in London, that on the way back from an audition casting I discovered a small bookshop on Great Eastern Street in London EC2 called ‘NoBrow’. They have an excellent Website (  At first I thought the name on the door was to discourage people from coming in but the opposite was very true. It was a refreshing change from going to a large comic book store like say The Forbidden Planet in Central London and see very little in terms of originality. Forgive me ‘Planet but I couldn’t think any other comic book store since you have had so much of my money over the years.

Most of their books are self-produced so there is a very strong air originality in this small shop that you don’t see very often anywhere else.  Certainly there are similar shops like NoBrow throughout Central London but it was good to find one in East Central London.

East Central London has plenty of side roads and side streets that contain many hidden gems waiting to be discovered, whether this is a bookshop or a nice wine bar/restaurant.  It was good to rediscover the area and this small but particularly fascinating little bookshop.

Nobrow details are:-

Nobrow Ltd, 62 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3QR | (+44) 0207 033 4430 |


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