I Hate To Disappoint Someone….

….but do you seriously believe anyone is really reading the vile, pathetic, personal offensive rubbish that you are writing?  Whether my tweets are pathetic or not is subject to debate, as is anything else I write.  And I am okay with that.  At least what I write gets published elsewhere.  What is not subject to debate but fact is that far more people are engaging with me across Social Media than they are with you.  But then, given your vile, nasty personality  it is not surprising that a mere twenty-three people bother to even follow you on Twitter. You used to have twenty-five people following at one time and since you have started up your Blog, you have not engaged one single person to follow you on Twitter. Are you feeling me on this?  No one is interested in what you have to say, nor the way you go about your business.

So just who is it that is laughing at me eh?  People do from time to time so what is the big deal about that?  I work in an industry where one has to laugh because if we didn’t laugh occasionally, we would turn out like you!  Nasty, bitter, vindictive with a big chip on our shoulder.  No one is laughing about you because, no one finds what you write all that appealing.  And why would they?  People think you are sad and pathetic.  Fact!  As for myself, no one apart from the people in the industry I work in, even know anything about my work. Well, that is not exactly true but there you go. The only person who spends all their time prattling on about me being “Britain’s Next Top Actor” is you.  No one else.  I never said nor behaved as if I was Britain’s Next Top Actor. That is just your twisted, sarcastic, hateful nature at work.  I am just a hard working actor going through difficult times, like many of the forty thousand or so London-based actors, let alone every other actor throughout the UK. Get serious please!

Maybe you don’t have what it takes to succeed in anything because from where I am standing you are not making a single effort to do anything creative or move forward in life.  Nothing!  You are doing nothing!  A question that you fail to answer repeatedly is: ‘What are you doing that is so much better than what I am doing?’  To date you have not answered that question.  And that is because you can’t give an answer.  You are doing nothing apart from some 9 to 5 job where you continually fail to make ends meet. I have done all that and will probably do so again but unlike you, I don’t sit in judgement and talk about things I know nothing about. If I was like you, I would be making statements about your dubious past employment history (that I wager isn’t on your CV,) or your parenting skills (or rather the lack of them,) but I know better and have no intention of stooping to your level.

I gave up on you a long time ago, mainly due to your disgusting behaviour. You may not realise this but people think you are the most vile, evil of people.  A number of people have looked at your Blog and are absolutely disgusted with some of the things you have written.  It is quite clear to them that you are a very, very sad person who has nothing going on in her life, if she can spend so much time being so vile, vindictive, personal and very offensive.

So I really have no idea who shares your view of me because for every person who agrees with you (laughable as that is,) I can find a thousand who would read your blog and agree with me. That is because not everyone is like you.  Some people actually have a sense of decency and intelligence that you clearly lack on all fronts.

The taxman may have been kind to you this time around. Congratulations! Big Deal! So what? Don’t be so sure everyone will be so kind if you carry on with your vile, nasty ways. A Blog is suppose to display and promote the best about the person who is blogging.  Yours does the exact opposite.  It shows a lot but says very little and what little is said is…Well, lets not go there again!  Anyone reading it, would put the widest possible distance between you and themselves, which is not surprising, considering the content they would be faced with.  And don’t think that prospective employers won’t google your name and discover your nonsense.

A month of hell runs both ways but I am not the one who continues to write nasty, vile and offensive articles every other day.  I leave that to you but if you think the masses are reading your puerile rubbish and endless messages in pretty pictures, you are very sadly deluding yourself.

Me, I have better things to do.  So while I hate to disappoint, you will just have to keep practising your writing skills because they need improving in terms of positivity and content.  You need to try harder and actually use your brain more and be a little more thoughtful about how you go about things. And the subject matter you choose to write about.

Wishing you the very best of luck.


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