Meaning it Versus Just Talk & Nothing Else

A friend of mine based in Hollywood delivered up this great piece of advice that links in so well with what I have always thought and so clearly demonstrates what I am doing versus the lack of effort others make but who still reserve the right to criticize regardless.  My friend’s advice goes:-

“This is something my students and clients have taught me and it’s worth sharing. If you MEAN IT, your work shows. If you DON’T MEAN IT, your lack of work shows. Here’s the choice — MEAN IT OR DON’T. And I humbly add, “Please do not waste my time if you DO NOT MEAN IT!” I can stand and deliver anywhere at any time. Can you? That’s the only remaining question and the answer to that question is in the delivery itself. Do the work, period. Everything else will surely follow. Merely talk about it and everything will stop because it’s ONLY TALK. Golly, only talk?! Sounds like a politician in Hollywood, huh? Join me, please, in our fabulous amazing work….for its own sake! And that is my personal pay-off, as an artist, teacher and singer……mean it and eeeeeeveryone knows it the minute you open your mouth. Ain’t that grand????!! WORK EQUALS GOAL ACHIEVED. Not rocket science. Just Art.”

Well, over the years, there certainly has been no lack of work on my part. There have been bouts of unemployment but that goes with the territory. I am however, still in game, I have been playing with various results.  I am still here because I MEAN IT. Every step of the way. It is only a matter of time before I begin winning outright.  That may not please some people but I could care less. I am doing what I love doing and people at the very least are interested enough to engage me, audition me. In some cases even hire me.

Hard work, dedication, commitment, sacrifice and the shedding of blood, sweat and tears, ultimately pays off.  Irrespective of what any merchant of doom predicts.  Luck plays it’s part also but without any of the above, no one’s dreams are ever realised.

Something to think about before you stick the knife in next time.  Look to yourself and ask yourself: “What am I doing to achieve my aims, my dreams, my desires?” Constant negativity and unwarranted criticism of others, says more about you than the object of your criticism.  It tells people you have little ambition nor the desire to do anything worthwhile with your life.

So unless you have something positive and thoughtful to add, please don’t waste my time. I have far better things to do.


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