Art of Being Extremely Rich

I have over the years found it extremely rich that people can accuse you of so many things – Some true, some not so true and some damn lies – And then go on to do the same thing themselves. One person I recalled, stopped responding to my emails but would then post them on their blog to make their case while taking my words out of context.  It is only more recently that I found out what they were doing. And then to make matters worse they accuse, or rather imply an innocent party of having sexual relations with me, which could not be further from the truth. More lies!

This same person at one time got a male friend to threaten me online via Facebook messaging.  Now in their ‘New World Order’  of things, they got a ‘Gentleman’ (euphemism for ‘Thug’,) to politely tell me to leave them alone (euphemism for ‘threaten the hell out of me’).  I still have the Facebook message that this ‘Thug’ sorry  ‘Gentleman’, sent me. His standard of written English while atrocious and an insult to Caribbean people the world over (my family included,) made hip-hop artists seem positively Shakespearean.  Even the fact his written English elevated Street Slang to a level with Oxford English is dispairing. What was he doing  at school?  Did he even bother going?  Despite this, I kind of got his message, which came across as a savage dog that had lost it’s teeth but threatens regardless. The trouble is the person who set him on me forgot to mention that I published the threat on both Facebook, my blog for a time and, reported their ‘Gentlaman’ so there are a few thousand people via Social Media who knows their story is a complete and utter lie.

But then lies come part and parcel of some people’s repertoire. There are many people whose lives have been ruined by this one person (maybe even their ‘Gentleman’s also’,) but they either don’t know it and if they do, there is nothing they can do about it, in the same way this person is unable to do anything about their predicament. Not nice but then if it makes them feel they are not alone, then they will continue to bring others into their web of dispair. The fact it is going to be black males is rather disturbing but I have no control over the course of actions people choose to take. They won’t be doing it to me so that is fine by me.

I don’t legislate on what people think and to be honest, I wouldn’t even try. For myself, I have upset people, I have made people mad but the one thing I have never done, is ruin people’s lives.  People I have been involved with personally and professionally are still walking around with safe happy lives. There may be the odd exception to the above rule, as this person is but I would argue their life was ruined long before I showed up in their lives. I let the facts speak for themselves.

Good night, and Good Luck.


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