Start of the Week Greetings to Friends on Facebook

Greetings my Dear Friends here on Facebook, hope this fine sunny day finds you in good spirits – Yes, I know it is the start of another working week but the sun was at least shining and we seem to be having a summer’s day at least.

For myself, I was up early and out to sort out an issue at the bank – Not enough money in my account but what is new about that? There is never any money in my bank account. Ran into a lovely young lady who was totally lost, looking for Hackney Community College so walked with her part of the way and pointed her in the right direction (and not under a bus I might add,) before heading home, having breakfast and heading off to an audition.

And what audition. Funny how one passes places most weeks in Central London and don’t realise the buildings house film companies. Anyway, went for a walk-on role (didn’t realise it at the time, as I didn’t get the email promised,) for a commercial. All I (and everyone had to do,) was follow direction and shout and scream with dismay. Felt positively light headed after it all but least it gave me an opportunity to give my vocal chords a good workout.

Oddly enough I ran into a Facebook friend there so afterwards we played catchup as it has been a year since we last met and that was briefly.

Nice day so decided to walk back home. So exercise of voice and body done, just looking at what needs to be done and boy, is there plenty to do. A Play to write. Dante’s Inferno to read, Shakespeare to read once more and gain a love of the language all over etc.

Yes, so much to do but all, one step, one task at a time.


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