The Art of Setting Things Straight

There have been a couple of conversations I have had this week that have reminded me of a recurring problem I have when dealing with insecure, mixed-up/damaged and moralistic people – They only ever see the world from one point of view – Namely their own.  On the surface there is nothing wrong in this.  We are all the centre of The Universe as it revolves around us and how we view it, experience and perceive it is the perception we pass on to others via that experience for better or worse.  This is fact, scientific, spiritual, esoteric.

Despite this (as in all things sadly,) people via the reasons I have given above, will always take things above and beyond what is necessary.  Essentially, this comes down to a lack of understanding, knowledge and disrespect in my view.  Someone once told me:-

If there is one thing you will learn from from me, it is there is always one more of doing things and that is your way. And you have the right to try it at least once

How true that man was. And wise too.  But that came from a life time of experience. He was intelligent too. Again that intelligence came from ‘Wisdom via Experience”.  He had lived. He had gone out into the world, worked hard, lived a life, got married, raised a family, lost a family, remarried, raised another family and did  all that was asked and required of him and more.  I miss him.  If he was still around in my life, that Wise Old Man, could have steered me clear of a lot of the hurt, heartache and absolute BS I have had to endure in recent times. But looking back, I realise now that was the reason why he told me so much about his life. How he was raised, about his parents – especially about his father, his father’s experience and what he learned from him. It was all a learning experience. He was passing on his knowledge and all he had learned to an up and coming generation via me.  And as I get older on my journey through life and continue to live a life – One that has not been as extensive as my dear old friend’s but no less relevant, his stories about people and his experience comes more strongly in focus.

I respect the views and opinions of other people no matter how different or extreme they may be from my own but when people begin overstepping the mark, I have call time on them and stop them there and then. It doesn’t go down too well but like my dear old friend, I believe you have to stand for something and make a stand for those things you believe in.

It takes more energy to not to do something, than it does to do something, anything.  I have grown weary and more than a little irritated at how far people will go in explaining why the simplest of things cannot happen or why they are not prepared to do anything.  It is nearly always based on me as individual, a man and if it is not that, then is due to the way I look, my circumstances or even my background.

This is has happened so often all one can say is whenever people tell me the simplest of things cannot happen because of who I am, my background and/or my circumstances, my response is this:-

Who cares?  The Western World was built by men with far worse histories than you imagine is going on here. My only crime is I am an honest, upfront, regular kind of guy with no hidden agendas or anything else you may also imagine. I can only be me and nothing else. Unless I am on stage or working in front of a camera that is.

If that is not good enough then so be it. If you can do better, then please, be my guest. If there is something out there better than the Gold and Diamond Standard, I have yet to see it. Best of luck!

There is nothing more I can say or add to the above.


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