Thoughts from Facebook – To Whom It May Concern

I noted a friend mention on his status that the emails are flowing in with offers of paid film work. No one (apart from him,) is more happier than I that a fellow professional is on the up. In my case the opposite is true. How can I put this? I judge every offer on its merits but the bottom line for me is just that. The Bottom Line. This is not a hobby or some idle pastime I am indulging in.

It is my work, my career, my bread and butter. I am not interested in offers of work on a profit share basis. I had no input into the creation of your play so please if you don’t have the confidence to gain finance for your own production, please don’t ask me to share in the cost of it by giving my time, skills and effort away for free. Oh, and another thing when one makes a peace offering of my being cast in another of one your productions, without the mention of payment of any kind, all you have told me is that you have not understood why I stopped working for you in the first place. I am not as desperate as you care to think. Even if my acting in your view is “comparable to laminate flooring” – Your words, not mine. And that came after four years of working on your productions. Thanks. That tells me everything I need to know. I only mention this because it is the last time I am going to mention it, only because I seem to get emails from you even when I put a block on receiving anything from you.I am open to offers but like everyone else I have a family to support, bills to pay. Just like you and everyone else. I realise when my name used come up it was Christmas for you but I need to redress this and say that I am not a charity and while I may be a ‘Father’, my last name is not ‘Christmas’. Nothing is for free. As I found out when trying to raise the money for renewing my membership of ‘The Spotlight’.Now that I have mentioned this, I want to see no more job offers mentioning ‘Profit Share’ when I had no creative input whatsoever, nor do I want to be told ‘How appearing in it would be good exposure’, nor do want to hear how I should be grateful to be working for free. Been there done it. Have a chestful of badges to show for it.

All part of the journey but I have passed through the Towns ‘Charity’, ‘Exploitation’, ‘False Promises’ and Intimidation moving onward toward better things. 🙂


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