How Some Things and Some People Never Change

Attended a focus group on television crime drama and had to put up with a fellow group member who proudly claimed to be a feminist. And did she go on to prove the point. She had all the character traits that would send a T-Rex running for cover if she entered Jurassic Park. And as always with such women, she wanted it both ways. When she objected to a bikini-clad female on a promotional poster, I pointed out that ‘Sex Sells’. When she derided all American Drama as being ‘Domestic’ I pointed out that all American Drama was made for their domestic market that if she looked at what HBO did she would find plenty of high-end stuff like ‘Game of Thrones’ (which has virtually, if any American actors in it,) and ‘Mad Men’ which why is BSkyB in the UK formed Sky Atlantic and show HBO’s output’.

She wasn’t please with me pointing out any of the above but then women like her with a massive chip on their shoulder seldom are pleased with their lot.I have great respect for the women’s movement. They fought for the right to be Doctors, Lawyers, The Vote, Abortion, Equal Pay and rights in the workplace, as well as screening for breast and cervical cancer. All hard won rights and conditions for women. All feminists have ever done is undermine all of the hard work achieved by women over the past century. I was actually surprised to hear a woman proclaim to be a feminist in this day and age. She and her kind are as outdated and obsolete as the dinosaurs. And if anyone has any doubts about that try being man in a female dominated workplace and try being yourself and have a joke with a female colleague and see how long it is before you find disciplinary action being taken against you. Political Correctness gone mad but that aside feminism has never done any favours for women and just ask any successful woman how she achieved her success and I bet good odds that feminism is the last word you will hear coming from her mouth. Feminism is a relic that has caused more problems than it ever it resolved – in fact it all it ever did was caused problems. Oddly enough, a another female in the group was fairly annoyed with this lady which rests my case entirely. When women are against a concept that is geared towards them (supposedly,) you know it is a problem. A big problem.

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