A Message About Social Media

This is a message I have communicated in numerous ways from my own perspective as a user/subscriber and creative.  However Steve and Ron press the point so much better giving a general overview, even though their message is geared towards screenwriters. The same rules still apply if you are seriously marketing one’s self via Social Media.
Screenwriting is like many other self-employment pursuits- work hard, produce quality work, and then… what?
Simple- marketing, marketing, marketing. But what if you don’t have a marketing budget? Enter social media.
There is no greater marketing “bang for the buck” than the strategic use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the new player, Klout. I don’t mean the all-too-typical “I am at the coffee shop getting coffee,”, “now I am drinking my coffee” sort of pap that many unknowing or bored people post. I am talking about “STRATEGIC,” as in, “WITH A PURPOSE.”
Here is my humble take on these social media marketing outlets:
TWITTER: Interactive conversations sharing in real time with those who influence you and who are influenced by you. Example: “At Pitchfest, just met Joe Cool.”
FACEBOOK: Sharing experiences and topics of interest with a broad range of friends, colleagues, and family. Example: “Just went to Pitchfest. Met many amazing actors and producers including Joe Cool.”
LINKED IN: Professional networking and “resume” site. Example: “Skills include screenplay pitching, interpersonal networking,” etc. Connections include Joe Cool…
Here are my different accounts to look at as examples: Facebook Profile, Facebook Page, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Klout.
They are free services because they advertise like crazy, but they are free all the same. And they are now considered “industry standard.”
Most of us are familiar with Facebook and Twitter, and those serious about professional networking use LinkedIn. Klout is a newcomer, but is increasingly important (to some people). It “measures” your impact in the social media world (your “Klout”) in comparison to everyone else. Higher is better. It uses your received Facebook likes, Twitter mentions and retweets, and LinkedIn network size to calculate how influential you appear (plus other proprietary factors, too). Certain hotels are using it to determine who receives upgrades, some employers use it to determine whether to hire, and there are many more examples. Want to go to the Playhouse Nightclub in LA? If you have a Klout score above 50 you get VIP entrance, plus you save the $100 cover charge. Wow. That’s real clout.
So the point is, you need to use social media to market yourself. Learn how to use and see your circle of influence expand. Use it strategically and see your income increase, too.
Steven Kirwan, Director
Ron Montana, Executive Director

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