How Blind Arrogance Can Piss Off Your Fellow Professionals


For every good competent director one meets and gets the opportunity to work with, there are several, you wish you never heard of, much less would want to work for or with. Here’s another such story:-

Had an interesting email conversation via LinkedIn with a gentleman who sent me am email withdrawing an invitation to a film screening. As I had not requested an invite, I was puzzled. To cut a long story it turns out the director he works for decided that instead of industry people he wanted members of the public his “primary audience” instead. My response to this was “communication is everything

His director isn’t going make too many friends within the industry if he takes that kind of attitude. Like myself, I know many people who work in films got involved in the Industry because they were and still are part of that primary audience. While I have had the pleasure to meet many good film makers like Tom Six, Daniel Johnson, Iva Brunning, very good examples, I have to also had to deal other directors who think they can walk on water and raise the dead, more so (like one Imogen Watson,) who have to do anything of any merit and to be blunt I am getting tired of this. This Business while I truly love it, is a tough business already without the usual bunch of talentless messiahs who think they can outdo Hitchcock and Mendes before they have even begun. Talent, drive and ambition are wonderful traits but so is how you treat people and the courtesy and respect you accord them. For every Six, Johnson and Brunning you unfortunately get the Watsons and this particular director who pisses on his fellow professionals because he doesn’t consider them among his primary audience. Wait until he excludes the critics. Boy is he in for a rude awakening.

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