The Changing Times We Live In & Times We Have Lived In

I was having a similar conversation with someone else earlier. They said the world was going to hell and I explained it wasn’t as such, we are led to believe it is so. The world is in far better shape than we imagine but the trouble is that every decade, every century requires a new way of thinking. The problem with our systems of Government are they are based on 19th and 20th Century principles or rather our representatives think in those terms.

If you look at the 20th Century. Nothing changed in the way of thinking for the first half of that century. Well a change did begin in the 20s but the stock market crash and Depression put paid to that. A real sea change came in the post WW2 period but in Britain, that real sea change would not happen until the 60s and then that created many problems that were exacerbated by the Thatcher Era which made things worse. There wouldn’t be another sea change until Tony Blair’s term of Government began in 1997, by which the Century was nearly over. The U.S. and mainland Europe have always been quicker to embrace/implement change with varying degrees of success and have been quicker to come out recessions far quicker than the UK.

We have a situation where the UK has a Government no one voted for. It has no mandate, is composed of two political parties, neither of which has an overall working majority and yet they have made cuts that has deepened the recession, lost us our triple A credit rating and is making things worse. It should be noted many of these policies was not in their election manifesto. The so-called ‘Coalition Agreement’ has no validity, as it was something that came after the 2010 Election. It would have been better to be in a situation similar to Belgium, where something similar happened but instead of forming a coalition government, they continued as if nothing had happened for eighteen months, during which time, the economy improved. Maybe changing Governments isn’t the answer in some cases but then, we don’t want dictatorships either.

The thinking and philosophy has to match the times, not the other way around. The past does not equal the future.


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