Two Nations, Same Problems

Reading this article about Jamaica has I feel, been a long time coming but looking around my own Country, I wonder if some of the things in the article, while pertaining to Jamaica, doesn’t apply to Britain also.

Like Jamaicans, we know all there is know about celebrities but could care less about the personalities of those who govern in our name. Like Jamaicans, we think Barack Obama is the best thing for America but could care less who is best for Britain. Where Jamaica was or is rich in resources, yet endures such poverty it is a laughing stock of the Caribbean to its neighbours. Similarly Britain is fast becoming a bigger laughing stock to its European neighbours (as if we weren’t already,) in how we waste time and resources fighting futile battles while our own people suffer at the hand of its own Government. One no one actually voted for I may add.

What strange correlations there are between a once great Nation and its once great Colony. Time to wake up folks.


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