A Blast From The Past but Today Is What Matters

3 daysA friend called me up earlier this week in mischievous, humorous mode, sending me a link to a certain person’s garbage comments from December last.  I wasn’t all that interested but thought: “What the hell?  Time has past.” so agreed, got the email link, clicked on it, read it and just laughed.

Time moves on and what was in that tweet is just so much ancient history now as I am sure it probably is for the author of the piece (but with them you never really know).

3 days Eleanor RooseveltFor myself, life continues unabated.  I am still in the game, still fighting my corner.  There are no more unnecessary hassles, no she-devils, directors expecting you to work for nothing or demons with me in the present.  They drop by every so often but don’t last long.  Life seems pretty good, feels pretty good – So good in fact, I will be nightclubbing with a couple of sincere lady friends later tonight. By invitation of course.  Everything is upfront and above board.  I am beyond criticism and my life is my own.  Those who are with me, like  me and respect me for who I am.  I don’t have to try to be original because I am original.  I feel comfortable just being me.  And if I work with a photographer, the end result is that of a mature man in his 50th year who looks far younger than those 50 years but is older and wiser for his life and experiences.  Those fifty years come with a lot of knowledge, wisdom and understanding.  Better to be that, better to have that, than something else that doesn’t look or feel right. Modelling is fine but if your photographer still makes you look like mutton dressed as lamb, then guess what?  You are in big trouble.  No names are necessary here but if one chooses to cast stones but are still clearly without sin, therein lies a world of hurt and heartache way on down the road.

The past does not equal the future and what was yesterday is dead and gone forever.  I have no wish to bring the dead back to life.  Today is what matters.  Today is what I live for. Tomorrow never dies because Tomorrow never comes.  Tupac Shakur put it this way:

Wars come and go but my soldiers remain eternal.

Whatever the outcome of any of life’s battles, those who are with you, will always be there with you and for you, not matter what.  My people are my soldiers. My soldiers are eternal.  If they are not there in person, they will always be there in spirit.  Many receive the call, few prove themselves, that they have what it takes. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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