The Perils of Underestimating People

scienceI have encountered this experience so many times I cannot fathom whether people are arrogant or completely stupid. One never truly knows when and where the next opportunity will come or where and more importantly from whom.  For myself (until otherwise proven,) when I walk into a room for an audition, a business meeting or a job interview, I automatically assume everyone in that room is smarter than me. I do this not because I suffer from a lack of self-esteem but the complete opposite.  I want to be at my best and the only way to be there is not to underestimate anyone.  And you know what?  I never do.

A few incidents have occurred recently where the individuals had definitely blotted their copybooks with me for all time.

12792783-21711903-thumbnailThere is nothing like The User.  This person caters to no one but themselves. They expect everything from you, give very little if  anything in return.  And if they can’t get their way, you are immediately accused of being inconsiderate.  The odd thing is The User will actually behave in a totally inconsiderate way, with scant regard for your feelings. Up until recently I had a friend whose profile matched that of The User. Given their behaviour towards me, they destroyed a good friendship by seriously underestimating me.  I still have some of their possessions in my possession so at least there was a pay-off for me.

The Two-faced person is a far worse specimen. Every smile is a painted smile and they have no intention of goodwill towards you or of even following through on anything that has been agreed upon. I had a meeting with someone last week and agreed to arrange another more formal meeting. Ever since then, calls have gone unanswered, not returned.  Oddly this morning, I saw them sunbathing from a distance. So instead of approaching them, I sent a text message. I saw them take out their ‘phone, look at it, put it back in their bag and continued sunbathing as if nothing had happened.  Told me everything I needed to know.

bonrvow11u3lpl7dqxfoThe above are two recent examples that have happened to me. The problem with such people is they really don’t know you, and have absolutely no interest in you in the first place. They don’t realise that irrespective of who you are, you influence and/or can influence others. Returning the no-favours to them accordingly. Never underestimate anyone. No matter how they might appear.


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