Facts Revealed Via Social Media Analytics

ImageDoing some Social Media Analytics, I have discovered I have lost or rather have been unfriended by at least twenty ‘Friends’ on Facebook. Where Twitter is concerned somehow I have managed to get 660 people to follow me and the ideas and notions I put across but as soon as I reach 670, people unfollow me. I have gotten 660 people to follow me but that figure will never go beyond 670. It is interesting to note with Twitter that if I don’t tweet anything for a few days, several people will begin following me but if I were tweeting every few seconds, followers will drop off like dead flies flying through a haze of fly spray.

And people sell and market goods and services based on this? Hmmm! Well at least I know now that instead of going through my Facebook Friendship List and unfriending people, I should just comment on my life and the difficulties I am having and enduring. It seems to work in getting rid of those people whose world view does not extend beyond the end of their own nose.

There really is something to this Social Media Analytics.


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