Made in God’s Image But Only Human

The Editor,

The Times of London

Times Newspapers

London E98  1XY

Dear Editor,

Re: Made in God’s Image But Only Human

There are times when I think and feel I am destined to have a life where I am expected to work but receive no financial recompense whatsoever. People are only too happy to hire you and not pay you, as long you have to audition for them. Then you have others who clearly don’t believe you are worth the market rate or you are not worth paying at all.

I am not at sure where these people come from or who they are but they seem to give the word ‘Dense’ new meaning. They clearly clearly think in God Complex terms where I am concerned. For example: What makes them think I can live off fresh air alone, when they themselves cannot? What makes them think I don’t have bills to pay and a family to support just like them also? And what makes them think they have dominion over me when they themselves think I am God-like and exist and live on nothing alone? Not even bread.

Newsflash! While I can do many miraculous things, I am not God. I was only made in his image. Now he may have been clearly drunk at the time but like everyone else I am only Human. I am capable of great deeds, have done great things but bottom line, I have to pay the rent and other bills just like everyone else. Working for little and nothing is a luxury I cannot afford. Even if I am God-like in the eyes of some.

I cannot raise the dead as my performances on stage have proved. I cannot turn stones into bread or water into wine. I have to buy them like everyone else.

And the only miracle I can perform with five loaves and two fishes is to eat them. Once I have bought them, cleaned and cooked them.

Know what I am saying people? Welcome to my world, my reality.

Hard Working but Struggling Thespian

London UK


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