The Preacher, His Sermon, The Congregation, The Message, The Lesson

I am reminded of a story I heard about a Preacher giving a sermon to his congregation one Sunday. The following Sunday he delivered the exact same sermon again. The Sunday after this, he again delivered the exact same sermon as he had the previous two Sundays.

This went on for a number of weeks until some of the Congregation and Elders of the Church decided to approach the Preacher and ask him about this, as they were puzzled by it. When they asked their Preacher why he continually delivered the same sermon each and every Sunday for the past several weeks, the preacher responded thus:-

“When I delivered my sermon the first time around, I saw no response or actions with regard to what I said so I decided to deliver the same sermon again the following Sunday. Again I saw no response. I did not see any change in the actions and behaviour of the Congregation as I went about God’s business in the community. Therefore, I will continue to deliver the same sermon again and again, until the Congregation has demonstrated by their actions and deeds that they have truly listened to my words and have taken onboard what I delivered in my sermon.”

The lesson I take from this story is that sometimes for whatever reason people don’t listen to what one has to say. There are a number of reasons for this. It could be that they are deaf, or if they can hear, what one has to say doesn’t mean a damn thing to them. It could also be that what one has to say means so little to them because they have no respect for you and think whatever you may have to say means nothing to them because as far as they are concerned you are of no importance whatsoever.

Well “All’s fair in love and war,” as the saying goes. But when I have something to say, I will be ‘The Preacher’. I will keep on saying what I have to say and relate the same story, the same topic, the same unchanged behaviour in certain people until my message sinks in and and provokes real change. And I will continue to do exactly that until either that change happens or my dying day comes.

Say something long enough, often enough and people will eventually listen and change accordingly. Change is inevitable. It is not an ‘If’ but a ‘When’.


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