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“Top Boy star Ashley Walters chides black UK actors for running away to the US” quotes one report.  This is a long-standing debate and issue about the lack of black talent seen in British Film and Television.  Ashley Walters makes a very good point but one could argue that if David Harewood, Idris Elba, Lennie James, Eamonn Walker had not made that move State-side they would not have the careers they have now.   Morgan Freeman made a similar point last year and I wrote an article in response which can be found on my Blog at:-https://danieljude.wordpress.com/2012/07/23/broadcasters-bigots-a-lack-of-historical-knowledge-what-strange-bed-fellows/ The Arts and Media when they work best reflect the society and the history of the country they are based in.  While it is true there are more black faces on British TV than there was, I would argue there is still a long way to go.  British Film and Television have continually failed to do this or re-enforce stereotypes that are wholly out of place in 21st Century British Society.

For me this is a well-worn path.  Virtually and exactly one year ago, Morgan Freeman made a similar observation to that of Ashley Walters and exactly one year later, I feel I need to write the self-same article I wrote a year ago.  But I won’t.  My Blog Article is as relevant now as it was when I wrote it a year ago.  Again the more things change, the more they stay the same.  The Old Paradox.  Check out my article about this Paradox at:-

Youth unemployment is on the rise in the UK.  That is no cause for celebration.  Britain has an appalling record when it comes to the welfare and treatment of children.  The Charity ‘Save the Children’ now focuses on the needs of children in the UK as well as those overseas, where its original remit has always been.  That is a damming indictment on any Government and the UK Coalition Government is winning few fans with its ‘Captain Ahab’-like stance on the policy of Austerity which is clearly not working, while stifling investment and creativity.  And if that was not enough we have the political-tinkering with the State Education System that continually fails our children.  My advice to the Education Secretary Michael Gove is to leave Education to the Educators.  By all means raise standards but do so by moving forward rather than reverting back to policies of the past that also failed many a British Child.  We are living in the 21st Century.  Not the 19th nor the 20th.   That is why there are many foreign nationals living and working in Britain who are making a life for themselves simply because they are better educated in their country of origin because their Government recognised the value of educating its people. Young and old in a modern forward-thinking society.  Time we in Britain ditched politicians like Michael Gove and did the same.

John Lennon was a marvellous Musician and Activist who enriched the lives of many.  He left a marvellous legacy via his views and his music.  I like many missed and mourned his passing and the way in which he was despatched was, and still is alarming nearly thirty-three years after that fateful day.  Now a scientist (Dr. Michael Zuk,) wants to attempt to clone Lennon from a rotten tooth that was extracted from the Late Singer-Songwriter in an attempt to sequence his DNA and eventually clone a copy of Lennon sometime in the future.  The tooth has passed through many hands, being donated and sold on to other parties before coming into Dr. Zuk’s possession.  This must be particularly distressing to his Widow Yoko Ono and his two sons who survived him.  Is nothing sacred?

On a lighter note and outside of Digital World Wide’s realm, the announcement that Ben Affleck is set to play Batman in a team-up movie opposite Henry Cavill’s Superman has drawn more attention and controversy on-line (and off it,) than the current events being played out in Egypt and Syria.  I am well-aware that while his track record speaks for itself, Mr. Affleck is not everyone’s Marlon Brando.  I am sure he can live with that as he has two Oscars on his mantelpiece for his writing and movie making, something the Late Brando never achieved.  What people fail to realise is how Hollywood works and continues to change.  The Late Christopher Reeve was a fine, classically trained actor, who played great roles in theatre and on film but was virtually unknown when cast as Superman in the original movie.  Today Chris Reeve would stand no chance of being cast as the Man of Steel.  In fact Brandon Routh was the last unknown Actor to be cast in a big budget superhero movie when he was cast as Superman.  Henry Cavill had a much higher profile than Routh when he was cast as Superman for ‘Man of Steel’.  Since Routh’s casting as Superman,  every single lead cast in a superhero movie has had a higher profile and track record in Film.  Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man), Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern) and Christian Bale (Batman Trilogy).  In fact some actors have appeared in more than one Superhero film.  Ryan Reynolds appeared in a supporting role in ‘Blade: Trinity’ opposite Wesley Snipes, was rumoured to reprise his role as ‘Deadpool’ a character he played in ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’, prior to his taking on the mantle of Green Lantern in the movie of the same name.  Ben Affleck’s hiring as the Dark Knight is the status quo of how the casting of big budget summer blockbusters now works.  Be a major movie talent first if you want to be the ‘Big Blue’, The Emerald Warrior or the Dark Knight.  Learn to live with it folks until Bryan Singer once again directs a superhero movie.

That said:-

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