A Gentle Walk Through Hell

going-through-hellA friend of mine was telling me recently how he took a stroll through The Square Mile.  For those not familiar with London, The Square Mile is The City of London, which is literally One Square Mile.  This is the place where all the big banks are, including The Bank of England.  It is London’s Financial District.

My friend was just passing through.  He wasn’t familiar with the area but as I lived not that far away, he knew my thoughts on the area and the people who worked there and had always coached me on not being  judgemental towards them, because he knew as an actor (and being a actor and drama coach also,) knew that I wasn’t a judgemental person at heart but had an intense dislike of the people who worked in The Square Mile i.e. The Bankers or ‘Wankers’ as I am fond of calling them.

As he was walking through ‘The City’, he decided to carry out a little experiment that he often used and coached actors on and it was this: –

He looked at the people walking toward him and tried to pick up their energy and their feelings.  He said in order to do this well, one had to suspend judgement.  Judgement had no place in this exercise.  He went on to say if you think someone looks rich and arrogant as they walk towards you, you won’t be able to pick up their feelings.  You are too involved with your judgement.

As he was doing his little exercise/experiment, he said he suddenly became aware of distinct feelings coming from most of the people in the area – Pain, misery and fear!  He said he had never felt so many people all at once in this state.  He went on that it felt like a sort of hell and there he was taking a gentle stroll through it all.

He likened the experience to when he worked in Banking and Commerce before becoming an actor and academic. It was a living hell.

“Business is War, War is Business and there are always casualties,” he often said. “But I walked through it and out the other side.

We need to be careful where and with whom we spend our time.  One picks up the energy and feelings of others.  You get pulled into them and as an Actor, one needs to be free of all of the above.  One needs to have a clear channel to be able to express one’s self freely and without hindrance.  Something to think about here.

My personal take on The Square Mile, is it is full of self-obsessed, selfish, materialistic people and it came as no surprise (to me anyway,) that he would have picked up the negative energies of pain, misery and fear.  Yet these very same people who inflict these things on others without realising, are also unaware that they suffer from  these very same energies they themselves generate, feeding on them like a cancer, destroying them from the inside out.  Is it any wonder the pubs and wine bars are full five days a week in the Square Mile.

Am I being judgemental about The Square Mile?  You bet I am.  I experienced my friend’s experience nearly two decades ago when I first came to London so it kind of washes over me now.  I see the environment and the people for what they are so I have an immunity of a kind whenever I walk though The Square Mile.  I am aware of it but never, ever let it bother me, simply because I don’t absorb the energy of those around me.


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