That’s Showbiz

I have lost count of the number of times I have been ‘pencilled in’, ‘short-listed’, ‘cast’, invited to audition that casting people couldn’t be bothered to turn up to or inform me they had cancelled etc.

An apology has never been given, the fact I have wasted my time and money on actually turning up, plays no part in it at all.

Welcome to the wonderful world of showbiz.  Anything can happen and nearly always does but it works in the opposite way also, where anything that was supposed to happen doesn’t.

There is a very important lesson to learn from the above.  One may find themselves on the cutting room floor on occasion because the project has to be gotten into the right time frame or one may be cancelled at the last minute because there is an overrun – which could due to time or budgetary factors.  It is all part of being in Show Business.

One just has to take it on the chin, remain positive, optimistic, persevere and above all be patient.

All good things come to those who wait.  Don’t make a big deal or fuss about it.  Just say ‘Thank You’, ‘Have a nice day’ and move on.


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