The New, The Brave & The Bold

Old World (1)The Evening of Sunday 8th December was an interesting evening.  I had finally put the finishing touches to a Project that had been in my head for over a decade (the name at least, with a vague idea of how I would go about things,) before I finally took the metaphorical bull by the horns and began putting the whole thing together.  The end result was the Name of the Project/Initiative became a reality and that Sunday Evening, I officially launched the Project: Magellan-Fifteen20 (
Those of you who follow my activities elsewhere via Social Media Networks, will have noticed that I have banging the drums i.e. Promoting and building awareness of The Initiative throughout the course of this week.The whole purpose of Magellan-Fifteen20 is to not only resource and develop my writing, digital and photographic artwork but also in the long run, develop new writing and talents of others via donations from those who share the passion and vision we have for Magellan-Fifteen20 (or MF20 as we like to call it,) and what we want to achieve via it.

The support and feedback (while not financial,) has been very positive. The intention was to promote and build awareness via professional networks via LinkedIn but the first phase was promotion via Facebook and Twitter.  This seems to have been a good move but let me discuss the approach via a correspondence I wrote to one of my major supporters and patron who asked me to discuss Phase 2 of the Project via her Facebook Page so her friends could learn more:-

Phase 1 was the launch of MF20 itself and announcing it far and wide via Facebook and Twitter.

While Phase 1 will continue, Phase 2 is where all the heavy work will be done. This is where I will be using LinkedIn extensively in the pushing of MF20 much further into the public’s consciousness. I will be writing to all my Contacts on LinkedIn, telling them about The Project, as well writing a mini proposal to all the LinkedIn Groups I am member of, introducing other group members to MF20.

Phase 3 will be promotion via other Social Media Networks. Phase 2 is the main part of the process as this was where I had always intended to promote and build awareness of the Project, as LinkedIn is the ideal platform, I have many connections and my Profile was within the top 5 group of LinkedIn Profiles for 2012.

Phase 1 was an afterthought but a good move in introducing MF20 generally as I have received positive help and support from people such as yourself. There hasn’t been anything in the way of donations but MF20 was launched on Sunday the 8th so it is a little premature to expect donations at this stage. I expect to spend the best part of 2014 promoting and building awareness of MF20, who we are and what we are about. Depending on the strength of support and donations we expect to green light and support new original work in 2015. Again this will depend on the strength of support as detailed in The Proposal on MF20’s Website.

I hope reading this, you will take a look at our Website and agree with our aims and ambitions, as well as sharing our vision and passion enough to support our work.


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