Magellan-Fifteen20 – Why There is a Need

On Sunday 8th December 2013, I launched the Website of an idea that had been at the back of my mind for more than twelve years.  It was via a conversation with a Market Research Director at the company’s winter ball, that the idea took seed.  One that would slowly grow until the whole idea would be developed and launched.  The idea?  Magellan-Fifteen20.

The World many would have you believe is driven solely by Business, Banking and Finance.  While these elements play an integral part to any economy, be it Global, National or Local – The real key to driving any economy is Creativity.  However much a driving force Creativity may be, it does rely on the three elements mentioned above, if it is to succeed and flourish in the long-term.

I have always wanted to own my own shop, metaphorically speaking.  I have always wanted to be the master of my own destiny.  To be in a position where I could do whatever I wanted to and not have to punch the nine-to-five work clock and all that entails.  In short, I wanted the freedom to do what I wanted, as well as developing and nurturing the work and creative talents of like-minded individuals like myself.  But to do that, I need not only the resources not necessarily of Business, Banking and Finance but a fourth element many forget about.  The individual – People.

Charities of all shapes and sizes – Churches and places of worship have long known that the individual when acting as a collective, can move mountains, create civilisations and empires – Not to mention spread the belief system of certain religions – building churches and meeting places of worship.  Indeed, charities make billions each year from donations made by individuals alone.  No one questions where all this money goes.  How much CEOs of such organisations are paid or how much of this money is invested and where it is invested or how much actually goes to where it is supposed to.

Having worked in the Charity and Non-profit sector for five years, many of these questions occurred to me and I didn’t like the answers that were being fed back to me.  So when I began to fully develop the ideas and policies that would lay behind the foundation and formation of Magellan-Fifteen20, I wrote a detailed Proposal about MF20, the idea behind it and my intentions and plans for the year ahead as well as my long-term ambitions.

Given the detailed explanation and Proposal on the Website, I am still asked to explain myself and give details of my plans and ambitions.  Unlike charities, it is clear people are not prepared to make a donation of any kind based on what they may or may not have read on the MF20 Website.


So Why Magellan-Fifteen20?

 “Innovation isn’t innovation without originality via Creativity”.

In layman’s terms, if you are going to be innovative, you have to be original and do something creative that no one else is doing.  This is what MF20 is all about.  So why MF20?

I want my shop to be my shop.  No one else’s.  I am taking a long-term view and strategy to doing something no one else is doing on a long-term basis.  No one else is thinking long-term or beyond crowd funding their current project.  What happens after that project gets completed?  Assuming the project raises enough finance to get produced at all.

I looked at the way the Media in the United Kingdom works and unless you are White, Middle-class, you really aren’t going anywhere.  This occurs right across the Media, right down to casting and the writing which in many cases is neither original nor innovative.  Yet the creativity, originality and innovation is there but it is not getting a chance to be seen or breaking through.  This is and has been a long-standing issue in the UK but I am working from a global perspective with MF20 in gaining support and finance via individuals who like what I am doing and wish to support my work.  I no longer wish to feel constrained by what is happening or rather, what is not happening in the UK.  I want people to come together and support me in my work and what I am doing with my Project Initiative in changing the way the World of Media works.


So Why Magellan-Fifteen20?

One can make a difference but at the same time no man is an island, as the saying goes. We all need help at some point in our lives in order to get an idea, a dream or an ambition off the ground.  What puts many people off from doing anything, or following through on an idea or realising that dream, ambition, is the way they think and/or what others say to them.

I have lost count of the number of times I have been told I would never make it as an actor or anything else in life.  Being told that I am rubbish because after ten years as a professional actor, I am not a household name nor will I ever be.  If I had listened to any of the above, I would not be sitting here writing this article right now.  Nor would I have gone to drama school part-time, while holding down a full-time job, supporting a family and all that entails.  Nor would I have dared to register with casting agencies or have the audacity to step onto a film set, work with A-List actors or step out onto a stage and open a play.  And yet, I have done all of the above and have (at the time of writing,) a CV/Resume of fourteen years work as a performer and why I am right now writing this and saying MF20 is all about going out there , taking a chance, a risk and showing it can be done.  I know it can be done because I went out there with next to nothing – No money – No nothing and became a Professional Actor.  With MF20 I am taking things to the next level by communicating with people, telling people, writing to people via all mediums and telling them, not just what I am proposing but what I am doing on a daily basis, in getting things done, changing the way things are done by advocating change and implementing that change wherever and whenever I can.  I am working towards change and making a difference and with each step on my journey with Magellan-Fifteen20 I am making that difference of building up awareness of MF20 but that is not all I am doing.

The above is the reason Magellan-Fifteen20 exists.  To say come onboard and support what I am doing.  Hope exists and as long as Hope exists, everything and anything is possible, a reality.  To transform dreams into achievable goals.


“There is strength in numbers.  By coming together, working together and supporting each other, we can achieve great things.”

Dwight D’Aguilar

Founder & CEO


“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”  ~ Theodore Roosevelt





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